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The certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a healthcare member of staff who works under the direct supervision of registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and / or physicians. Be mindful that CNAs are known by... Read More

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    I live in Louisiana an work at a nursing home. Day shift CNA's who work full time make 8.06 an hr. An recently we just got a 3 percent raise so now we make 8.30 but still we do not make enough for all that we are required to do. Nights n Evenings make more but day shift does more of the work than any of the other shift and get the most back lash.
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    Can I tell you how much I loved being a CNA. I loved doing direct patient care and having less responsibility. Don't get me wrong, I loved being a LPN and RN as well, however being a CNA was LESS mentally demanding for me. I was a prudent CNA that always reported abnormalities to the LPN or RN. They'd always be appreciative and sometimes I picked up some major illnesses. CNAs are so valuable to the healthcare team. Thank you to all the good CNAs out there.
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    CNA's are one of the top ten most underpaid professions in the country. No, we don't go to school for very long, but we ARE required to take a few classes and pass an exam. I'll never understand why they pay has to be the same as someone working in fast food. (Sometimes, worse!) I feel like the mentality is that CNA's aren't as educated as nurses so they don't work as hard. That is just simply not true! Argh! Makes me insane! For the amount of work involved and the stress It puts on our bodies and minds, one would think we'd get paid MORE for all of that, not less. Makes me sad.
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    I think location has a huge roll in pay. I work as a nursing attendant (not certified) in NYC and I'm making $20.54 and I started 7 months ago. It's not fair but it's good to do research and see if a different location would be worth it for you
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    Quote from Vishwamitr
    Dear mmTorrez,I could be wrong but everyone seems to compare apples to oranges. Other than hourly rate, one needs to compare cost of living too. For example, if you pay $800 for rent in Toronto but pay only $550 for a comparable apartment in Durham, then $20/hr is really not a huge difference compared with, say, $11/hr in a U.S. city. Another example: They pay over $5/gallon for gasoline whereas we pay $3.5/gallon in the U.S. Well, you get the point.
    You are completely right! The NA's in NYC make $20.50 an hour but to even get a 1 bedroom in the area, your rent is roughly $1,500 a month (and that's if you live on the outer parts of the city).
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    I agree with nygirl I'm from New York as well and cost of living is so expensive pay seems good compared to other states but it all evens out with cost of living !
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    Yes, the cost of living makes all the difference. 20/hr wouldn't really be all that much where I came from in MA. I pay 2x less rent than I did when I lived there. You can do all the research you want and move anywhere you want but the simple truth is that nursing assistants get paid a lousy wage. If you want to make money doing this kind of work you have to stick with it for many, many years or go to school to become a Nurse.
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    Yeah my parents wanted me to move to nc to be closer to them but I would take a $6 paycut compared to new grad positions in AZ.
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    I'm in SC and It makes no difference. The pay cut doesn't hurt because rent is so much cheaper. If I go to MA i will make 6 more an hour but I will also pay 900 more a month in rent.
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    I just recently completed a 90 hour course to become a Certified Nurse
    Assistant and it has truly intensified my passion for the nursing profession. I love taking care of people. I love being helpful and appreciated. You don't have to work in just nursing homes or other long term care facilities. You can work in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and other medical settings. Becoming a CNA is a great start or stepping stone towards a bright future in Nursing.

    The pay could be a lot better though but it depends on where you live, experience, who you work for, and etc. For instance, if you get hired by someone to take care of an older relative or a person with an illness that needs to be assisted, you could get paid up to $100 a night...maybe more. Live-in care or assisted living care probably pays a lot more.
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