Can anyone tell me how much a CNA would make in California hospitals?

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    I recently moved here from the east coast and I am looking for jobs. It's been kinda hard though, I put in several applications and only got a interview set up once. Can anyone give me a ball park figure of how much aides are paid here? Are there unions? I am used to making decent money but got kind of worried after my last interview. Some one please help me out.

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    Where do you live? That's a big indication regarding salary for a CNA. I worked in a Bay Area hospital and CNA's are paid anywhere from $16-$22 or $23 hr. That's the highest I've seen in California.
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    California is big, it depends on where you are. In my area they don't get much more than minimum wage, maybe $10
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    CNA's are making $10hr in the hospitals in your area? Where are you from? Wow, nursing homes CNAs make more than that an hour here in the Bay Area.
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    The first person was right you end up making between 16 and, 23 an hour. Most nursing homes start you off at 10 dollars if you don't have any experience. You should try and look into registry work, I hear there is decent pay in that about $16 dollars or more at places in los angeles.
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    How do you find registry work? Anybody?
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    Go to and search for CNA's in your areas, you can usually tell right off the back which ones are registries.
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    what is registry work? An agency?
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    Thanks to everyone that responded. I live in Oceanside, San Diego. I had an interview last week with a hospital in the area and I was told that I have the job but they haven't checked my references yet. So now i'm just waiting to talk money. They told me not to worry "hospitals pay great!" We shall the way I was offered a job in a nursing home over the phone, no interview....they told me they could only afford to pay maybe 12 bucks an hour. She said it was because it was a small facility. I'm holding out for the hospital.
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    Like everyone said, wages in California vary a lot depending on where you live. I live in the Central Valley, and CNAs make $10-12 an hour in a hospital, to start. But then again you have to look at our cost of living is a lot lower than say, in the Bay area.

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