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I'm interested to see what a CNA's "typical" day is like. Also do you work at a Nursing Home or Hospital? Night, day or PRN? Thanks for sharing!... Read More

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    Nursing home, 7-3. Most days I work on a unit where most people are total care, but we have some hardcore bell-ringers too, just to make things more difficult

    Usually another CNA and I will follow each other around before breakfast and work together on our residents, for the most part. Most of the rooms have 2 people so we will each take one. I try and get as many people dressed as possible, then around 8 o'clock if I still have a few people left I just change their bed pads then start passing out breakfast and feeding people.

    After everyone is fed and trays are picked up, I toilet everyone on my assignment. And I brush their teeth while I'm at it. Sometimes I lay a bunch of people back down for a nap, depending on how pressed for time we are. We are also supposed to pass out snacks that no one wants because they just freakin ate! I wash up whoever I didn't get to before breakfast (on a good day there is no one left), and then I do my showers-- I get 1 or 2 of them a day.

    Then we scramble to get everyone in bed up. At 11 o'clock I go to lunch and when I get back I have a half hour to bring people to the dining room. We send about 10 people from each floor there and a few of them are 1-assists so I walk them down there. The more walks I can get out of the way, the less we have to do in the afternoon. But sometimes all the dining room people are already in there because the activities dept brought them so instead I toilet a couple people that eat on the floor. At 12 I go to the dining room and I'm usually in there til 1 o'clock. On days that I don't go to the dining room I feed on the floor and get all the rooms set up for rounds. After that we basically put everyone to bed or toilet them and make sure the rooms are tidy. And we have to walk anyone we didn't get to earlier. Then we pass out more snacks, fill linen carts, and do paperwork. The last 10 minutes of the shift are boring so i usually cut a couple people's fingernails. If I'm on the same floor about 3x a week then everyone's nails stay pretty maintained.

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    fuzzywuzzy: In my state, we are not allowed to cut nails whether we are a CNA or a RN because of the risk to diabetic patients! So my old facility used to have a podiatrist come in but I've never seen him, and people's toenails are always pretty gnarly.

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