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book required for CNA 1 course.

  1. 0 I'm starting my course for the CNA 1 at fayetteville tech and before I can register I need to get my CPR card. I figured while I was waiting to take the class I could get the rest of my NEEDED items. The lady told me that I need to have my uniform, and book. I was wondering if anyone knew what the book was called. she wouldn't tell me and just kept saying that she would give me that information when i registered. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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    I would just wait and see what she says after you register. Each class may use a different book
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    There are several books available for CNA programs. In fact mine uses 2 different ones. One for the onsite classes and another for the online students. So it's difficult to know which is going to be the one you need.
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    If the class is at a community/technical college, you could go to the campus bookstore and ask or just look around. Most are organized by subject and course number.
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    Thank you guys. I think i'm just going to wait for when i register. Also about how much were your guys books?
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    I am not sure because our instructor gave us our books our first day of class, and I am sure it was part of the the class fee. we did not pay for them seprately
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    That is what I thought too.My class is 189.00 and when I asked her what else was needed thats when she said that the first day I will need to have my uniform and my book. So, i'm not really sure. I guess I will find out when I register. I have my CPR class tomorrow and then I will register the next day. thank you again for all your help
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    I am in my second week of CNA 5 weeks program. It was offered by a Community College I attend. I have a book called: "Nursing Assistants." A humanistic approach to caregiving. Third edition. By Pamela J. Carter and a workbook by same author. Same name and edition. And the books were included on the fees I paid. Good luck. Yours might be different. Just be patient. I wanted to study before going to class, but the books were handed first day of class. Is pretty straight forward material.
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    Thank you aranursara7 I think I'm just getting excited. I want to get all my prereq's out of the way so that I can start my ADN. I'm so nervous that I'm going to fail at this course and then basically have NO chance of ever getting my ADN. these are peoples lives and stuff I just don't want to mess up. Thank you for your help.
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    Please don't feel discouraged before starting. Believe me is not hard at all. You can do it. If nursing is your goal this is a good way to start paving the path to where you want to be someday. Good luck and enjoy everyday. My hubby always says: "you cross the bridge when you get there" so don't worry too much. Is easy and if you have the talent of working with people in this case the most needed ones. You'll succeed.
    Stay calm 😉
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    My book was $60 used from my school's bookstore.... but you may have a completely different book than I did. Don't worry about passing, most of the stuff you learn just becomes common sense to you. Good Luck!
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    Thank you Fanie_Mae for your help
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    well thank you for that. I have been reading all these posts about mean nurses and all sorts of crazy stuff lol.