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Best CNA Book

  1. 0 Hello everyone! I am taking the CNA Exam in about 3 weeks & I'm relying on my training from nursing school. I did want to purchase a CNA book in order to "refine" my skills. Does anybody know of a CNA Book that they would recommend???

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    For a text book, all the Mosby's Nursing Assistant books are great because they are very detailed and have step by step pictures showing all the skills. If you just want a study guide, I used 2 books; CNA Exam Cram by Pearson publishing, and Complete Test Preparation for Nursing Assistant/Nurse Aide Exam by Learning Express. The study guides are better for the written portion of the exam because they have practice tests in them. A textbook is better for studying the skills. Good luck!
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    you pay shipping, and I'll send you the book. I never read mine, but it came with the class.
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    I have the CNA exam cram book and it definitely will get you prepared for clinicals as well as nursing assistant responsibilities..Best Book after Mosby