Becoming a CNA and need some advice!!

  1. I am 20 years old and a Pre-nursing student. This summer I am taking my CNA course to be certified by July. I don't make a lot of money since I am still in school and I get no help from my parents. My 5 week CNA course is $1060 and I still have to pay to get all of my vaccinations done and buy my scrubs and shoes. Would it make sense to take out a student loan at Wells Fargo to pay for classes and I make payments on the loan. I AM FREAKING OUT AND SO STRESSED. I need some advice!!!

    I am SO excited to become a CNA and i just want to figure this out ASAP!
    Thank you!
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  3. by   bsartor
    Hi, Congratulations by the way!

    Assuming that you don't have family to help you out or borrow from, you could just borrow a portion (like half) and pay the rest out of pocket. Also check with your financial aid office to see if you qualify for assistance or a federal loan. The nice thing about federal loans are they have much lower interests rates than private lenders. Make sure you pay the interest though, although you don't have to make full payments until 6 months after graduation.

    I would say if you are financially responsible and don't have to too much debt, do whatever it takes to start your career! Good luck!
  4. by   MierKat
    Kalengen, you can think about getting your CNA license as an investment. The scrubs you can wear later - another investment. You'll need the vaccinations for nursing school, so keep the records so you don't have to pay to get them again.

    Between now and when you graduate from nursing school you can work as a CNA, which will give you experience and will help you be a better nursing student. Plus, in most places you can get paid more as a CNA than you would with minimum wage. Since you're supporting yourself, you can work during nursing school to support yourself and make more than you would, say, at a retail store. Good luck!
  5. by   Mr.FutureDNP23
    That's great that you're wanting to get your cna license, but isn't there somewhere you can go that will train you for free? If I were you, I'd just get a part-time job doing something easy that will bring in a little income while in school. If you're really wanting to be a cna, just wait till after your first semester of nursing school...that way you'll be able to do cna work at a hospital/ LTC without having to pay all that money.
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  6. by   murphyc
    Yep, I second that about the price. You're paying twice what I'm paying, and I could have paid even less where I live except I didn't want to drive across town to do it. As a matter of fact, there are 7 of us in my class on Saturdays, and those of us who had to pay out of pocket had to wait to start since most of these gals needed financial assistance to start. I'd google free CNA or something similar in my area, might really be worth your while. Good luck.
  7. by   TheNoviceNurse16
    That's very expensive... My CNA class was only $500, roughly. Try looking into some other places. But I think it's great that you're getting it! I'm 22 and just received mine. I want to use it so I can work through nursing school to support myself. Good luck!
  8. by   e.r.r.n.9498
    Congrats on being a CNA before becoming a nurse, I personally feel that every nurse should be required to work as a CNA while they are in school, whether for pay or volunteer, I most certainly did and it really opened my eyes up to the patient experience. Some of the student nurses I have witnessed at the hospital I work at, seem disinterested in wanting to learn, more occupied about what the latest status is on Facebook or the amount of pay they are going to receive once out of school, nursing has changed a lot since I graduated in 1991.
  9. by   JeanSerra
    Good for you, you are young and I wish I did what you are doing at your age... Anyways, if you think that you can do it challenge the CNA exam. If you are in Pre-nursing then you have the skills, just watch online to see what they need. IF and I am saying IF you think you can do the skills portion then just pay to take the exam. But make sure you know how to do all the skills because you don't know what they will give you till that day. I am challenging mine right now so it is possible.... Good Luck.