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Anyone in need of resume help, read this thread!

  1. 2 You need help creating a resume? Instead of posting a gazilion new threads about it, why not try using the TEMPLATES on Microsoft Word?! Don't have Microsoft Word? How about a Google search and look for examples! Sheesh,'s not a brain buster!
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    Quote from kool-aide
    You need help creating a resume? Instead of posting a gazilion new threads about it, why not try using the TEMPLATES on Microsoft Word?! Don't have Microsoft Word? How about a Google search and look for examples! Sheesh,'s not a brain buster!
    At the risk of sounding like a new poster with an attitude I will say this. Life must be really exciting for you--deriving self esteem from a 'tell-it-like-it-is' personality to belittle people who come here to get helpful answers. No one's asking for anyone to write their resume for them--I don't need anyone to do that, I've been doing that for 30+ years now. Also, any monkey can read a resume on Microsoft Templates and copy all the info. Sometimes, though, people want concrete, helpful advice from someone who's 'been there' just to make sure they're giving the right information on a resume and not overloading it with non-important info that's not pertinent to the position.

    In the future maybe you should stick to giving constructive advice.

    No thanks,

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    There was no need to post this thread.
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    Quote from karamarie91
    There was no need to post this thread.
    Agreed! People post on here about resumes to get first-hand advice particular to nursing ... advice that is not so evident from a generic Word template or Google search. Perhaps OP, you should share some of your wisdom on this topic to help others instead of shooting them down unnecessarily as you have?
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    Oh lighten up people. There are a gazillion threads asking questions about resumes on here from people who can't be bothered to use the search function on this website. And most of them don't ask anything more specific than "how do I make a CNA resume?" which makes it pretty hard to help them.

    Here's my advice regarding CNA resumes:

    You don't need one! For a CNA job you have to fill out an application and a resume is just overkill. You're not applying for a job on Wall Street here. If you feel that you MUST have a resume, or you're applying for private home care jobs that don't hand out applications, then keep it simple. Do not list your clinical site as "experience" and DO NOT list every skill you ever practiced in class. Being able to feed someone, make an occupied bed and give a shower does not make you stand out among a crowd of people who were specifically trained and expected to know how to do these things. The real learning comes from the job itself anyway- not class. It doesn't matter if you have no previous experience in caregiving- you can draw things from other jobs you've had to play up qualities that might be of value in a CNA (customer service, teamwork, time management, handling stress well, blindly following rules, being willing to work like a dog). When I interviewed for my current job I'd had experience taking care of someone in a private home setting and I'd also worked as a cashier. They were more interested in the cashier job because of the customer service aspect. At another place I interviewed, they were actually kind of skeptical of my fluffy home care job and kept asking me if I thought I could keep up with the workload at their facility.

    Also, it's no use trying to prove that you are overqualified for the job. I see a lot of questions on here from people asking if they should take tons of other classes (phlebotomy, EKG, etc.) to improve their chances of getting a job. It's really unnecessary, IMO. Those things will certainly not help you get a job in LTC, and at the hospital they would rather hire someone with nursing home experience, then train them (for free!) in the extras than hire a brand new CNA/phlebotomist/EKG tech with no experience.
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    If you are applying for hospital jobs(because mainly they are done online only) than yes you MIGHT need a resume..but even then, it is optional b/c you still have to fill out the information in the application.

    I think it is important to keep a current resume if you are attending a job fair or something in that nature, but for most jobs like nursing homes, assisted living, etc..they will just want you to fill out an application.
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    All Members,

    Remember, we are all free to start threads and not use search. We can instruct new members on how to use the site or direct them to the how-to section of all nurses, but if you do not want to read a thread, you can always just move on to the next post.

    We have members that feel lost and may need help. I have left this site to google some information for a member, who could have done it themselves. That was my choice. Maybe, I am more comfortable with searching the internet for information. Maybe they were just lazy, but it doesn't matter. The point is I had a choice to do that, and I did. Other times I have just clicked over to the next thread. If you feel like helping, please do; otherwise, please move on to the next post.
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