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in order to streamline the threads on this topic, i ask that everyone that passes their nursing assistant certification test to please post it in this thread as oppose to starting a separate one. i appreciate everyone's help with... Read More

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    Yay just passed my Ohio STNA test that I took yesterday! Can't wait to get my card My skills were:
    Anti-embolism stocking
    Vest Restraint.

    I didn't leave the call light after weighing, but still passed!!
    Congrats to all!!
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    I passed mine last monday!!!
    bed to wc
    cath care

    CNA 2 class starts in a couple of weeks!
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    I passed my State Exam for CNA!! I am so excited. I have been started putting in application now I have to follow up on them to tell them I am certified.

    My Skills were:
    Hand Washing
    Ambulating a Patient
    Assist to Feed
    Cather Care

    I was so relieved to get these skills. God was looking out for me. CNA 2 Classes begin the 2nd week in January 2011. And hopefully nursing school in the Fall 2011. Wish me luck
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    yay i just found out i passed my cna exam, i'm so happy! i was so nervous taking the test it was crazy, but now that i found out i am an offical cna, i'm so happy i'm delerious ! i had pulse and respiration, handwashing, range of motion, indirect care, and feeding. yeah:
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    I had my test last Saturday 12/18/10 the day was Not good at all. Raining all day long...But it come out to be BEAUTIFUL to my eyes, because I PASSED.
    I was so friking nervous that I almost for got how to brush teeth....LOL
    My skills were
    Hand washing (which the person, complement nice things on how I did it) :spin:
    Brushing Teeth
    Taking Pulse
    Transferred from bed to chair using Gait belt.
    Blood Pressure.

    I did all and for teeth I almost forgot to offer a :smackingf
    I can laugh now because I PASSED...yey now I'm ready to apply for a job..
    wish me luck...
    Thanks to all and Congrats to all who has passed as well.
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    I passed last month in Mich. My skills were handwashing, hair and nail care, blood pressure and positioning. I am also looking for a job!
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    I took my test about a week and a half ago and Hallelujah I passed! I was super nervous too, but luckily I did not forget the critical skills (like locking brakes). My testers were super nice, so that helped. I was OK with all the skills except peri care, so I felt like I got very lucky. My skills were:

    Hand washing
    Range of Motion
    Ambulation with gait belt
    Peri care

    Now about that job.....
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    I passed but having a hard time finding a place that hires without experience.
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    I just passed today!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO! I got:
    Measure & Record Weight
    Ambulate pt using a Gait Belt
    Assist with Bed pan...

    I forgot a few things, like raising the bed when giving the bed pan. My partner failed because she didn't lock the wheels when she wanted to put me in the wheel chair. Make sure you wash your hands. If you forget, let them know immediately. I forgot at one point and before I was done with the skill I remembered and told her I should have washed my hands. I spoke throughout the session. I took a second before the skill and looked all around to see what I was going to do next.

    I wanted to puke in the waiting room, but everyone was supportive. =D
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    I passed my exam this morning! Along with washing hands I had...

    ROM on one knee and ankle
    Ambulate with a gait belt
    Occupied Bed

    I felt terrible when my partner failed. She didn't put my foot in a basin for foot care, and forgot the lotion. Then when transferring me to a wheelchair she didn't lock the wheels and that was in bold Then didn't rinse the bedpan after measuring output. It was awkward to accept my passing slip while she didn't

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