Limited CNS schools should I be worried? - page 3

by tyloo, MSN, APRN, CNS | 6,031 Views | 20 Comments

I was wondering why are there so many NP schools and only a limited amount of CNS schools? Should I worry about the future of the CNS? Or am I just paranoid then tell me that. Maybe I am thinking way too much which is weird... Read More

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    LLG and Elkpark. Thanks very much for your thoughtful answers.

    When I look at my educational path. It's more like the NP than CNS.

    I did both my CNS's as post MSN certificates. My MSN was management and leadership.

    For the post-MSN certificates I took adv path, adv pharmacy and adv assessment. The adult CNS had 576 hrs clinical and the pees CNS had 512 hrs.

    I never took a CNS specific roles class though an APN roles class was part of the MSN. I also had project management, finances for healthcare admin, etc.

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