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CNS-Adult primary care? HELP!

  1. 0 I am going to school to be a CNS. I have three questions.

    1. Can an adult CNS work at a primary care clinic (as long as he is only seeing adult patients)? Or would this be out of the scope of practice? I know they generally work in specialty clinics (I live in a rural area, so there aren't many specialty clinics).

    2. Can an adult CNS run her own clinic (a "womens health clinic")? I know I would need a doctor to oversee the practice in the state of texas.

    3. Is experience in a hospital setting as a floor nurse required in order to find work as an APN? I notice that many NPs have experience here (it's required in order to go to school for NP), but PA's do similar jobs as NPs and do not have experience working as a nurse.
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    Good questions:

    1. Sure an adult CNS could work primary care. At least in IL this is true.

    2. Not sure about this one.

    3. Personally I think you need RN experience to be a well rounded APN but that is my own thought.
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    "2. Can an adult CNS run her own clinic (a "womens health clinic")? I know I would need a doctor to oversee the practice in the state of texas."

    I think it would depend on your state. In Indiana APNs can practice independently within their training but they need a collaborative to prescribe. I know there are NPs in Texas that run their own clinics but I don't know if that extends to CNSs. I do remember reading about a peds CNS that had her own clinic but I can't remember what state she was in.
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    These are awesome questions. I'm MI,
    1. Yes, certified clinical nurse specialist can work in a primary clinic.
    2. Yes, I'm working on this right now...still in the baby stages
    3. Prior patient experience in any setting will have a positive impact on your APN career.

    If anyone knows a CNS in private practice could you please let me know....I have seen various centers on the web but feel a little uncomfortable cold calling.
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    Thanks for responding! This is helpful! What type of clinic are you opening? I'm adult care CNS so I don't know what type of clinic to open that would be viable since I can't see children.