can you work part-time or prn as a cns??

  1. Ive seen open positions for FT perinatal cns positions.. but never a part time one.. is there such a thing? do any of you cns's work part time??

    this is definitley a good career choice for me.. but when my kids are young and growing up id LOVE to be home with them and only work part time.. so id love to hear from some moms too, regardless of whether you work ft or pt

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  3. by   elkpark
    I know one psych CNS (a former colleague) who works part-time, and I'm sure there are others "out there." It might be more a matter of approaching potential employers and asking about it rather than waiting to see a posting for a part-time position.
  4. by   NICU<3RN
    thanks, you are right about asking, i will definitley have to do that.. i am just wondering how prevalent it is by your use of "out there" I am assuming it is rare to be able to work less than full time? possibly in a clinic setting it would be easier? although id love to work in the NICU, I could probably work in a ped's or ob-gyn office as well and get better hours for part time?


    people working ft.. what are your hours like?
  5. by   Whispera
    I worked part time as a psych CNS a few years ago, in a few different places (not all at once). I worked in a general hospital, a psych hospital, and in a center for healthy seniors. Now I'm working part time in a free clinic. I like the part time because I can during the other days.
  6. by   MedicineCNS
    I work 4 days a week in office and the other day is at home and after the babes go to bed I catch up on work making up for the other 8 hours usually. The best part is the flexibility of hours and days. My hospitals is HUGE on working mothers Otherwise I would be working nights on the weekend program until they went to school

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