Can a cns switch specialty?

  1. Can a cns switch specialty? I'm interested in cardiology and dermatology
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Sure, why not? I am in nephrology now but have moonlighted in the ER too.
  4. by   pilgrim192
    I am currently in adult health-gero CNS program. Right now, I am interested in:
    -psychiatric/mental health
    -palliative care
    -mayyybbbee cardiology

    I'm looking for mostly a low stress, out-patient environment with a flexible schedule and good pay (it's a lot...I know) you know of any specialties other than what I have listed, that offer this?

    My other question's are:
    -Can I even specialize in mental health as a CNS if I'm not in a specific mental health CNS program (I'm in adult-gero CNS)
    -If I go into mental health and then decide I'd rather be in do I go about switching specialties without experience?

    My concern is, if I go into psych, I might get burnt out from being around mentally ill people all day...I'm worried it would suck the life out of me? But it might be easier to switch from psych to pailliative care...even though that might make me sad too ...with people dieing and all that. Derm seems like it's harder to get into and if I end up doing botox instead of an actual derm clinic...I don't want the pressure of sales and I don't think a doc would pay an APRN when he/she could hire an RN for the same thing...

    I could do psych and be a nurse injectionist on the side, but I'd like to do more than botox I think?
  5. by   pilgrim192
    would it be unlikely to be able to switch from derm to psych. You see, right now, I'm mostly interested in derm, but I don't need a lot of positions for this in my area. I see more in psych. I'd like to study derm and try to get in the field but if I can't, I want to know that I'll still be able to find work in something I like (just not as much-psych).
  6. by   elkpark
    The psych CNS credential is being "retired" in 2014 -- those of us who are already psych CNSs will continue to be, but the certification exam and certification aren't going to be offered for "new" people. The only choice in psych will be the PMHNP. In any case, you would not be able to switch from a med-surg CNS (which allows for subspecializing within the various med-surg area) to psych without completing a psych graduate program (degree or post-MSN certificate). Ditto for a psych CNS or NP who would like to specialize in a med-surg area -- you have to return to school.

    Psych is definitely not a "low stress" specialty, and I strong encourage you to get some serious clinical experience in psych before pursuing an advanced degree. It's not everyone's cup of tea ...
  7. by   pilgrim192
    Would derm be considered a med-surg area then?
  8. by   pilgrim192
    traumarus and other CNS's: What jobs have you all held (and in what field) as a CNS. For example did you work for hospice as a CNS and then work in oncology and then endocrinology, etc. ? Do we have much flexibility as CNS's?
  9. by   pilgrim192
    I'm also interested in Urology (probably more than cardiology) but I don't know what the job would entail. Would I have to do any invasive procedures? ANyone work in this field?
  10. by   traumaRUs
    I've been in nephrology for 6.5 yrs. I've also done prn in a community ER. My nursing experience was ER and ICU. My job isn't particularly stressful unless I'm handling a code. I have a lot of autonomy and flexibility. That said, I have to see 200+ pts per week which can involve 60 hrs week.
  11. by   buzzalong
    pilgrim192, where are you doing your adult health/gero CNS? I'm looking into switching from my AGNP to AGCNS (get out of diagnosing and prescribing and go towards teaching, training, and researching.)