Transferring credits to Chamberlain?

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    I'm currently attending a community college with a highly competitive ADN program. I'll be finishing the prerequisites this semester and apply in Fall for the Spring ADN program. If I don't get in I was wondering is some of my classes from here could transfer over to Chamberlain. I'd rather try to get into Chamberlain's BSN than reapply for the ADN program here. I've taken Anatomy, physiology etc.
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    Yes chamberlain transfers credits over. The best thing to do is to get a grid of the entire 3 year program and try to complete as much as possible at. Community college Bc chamberlain is very expensive.

    I transferred in a & p 1,2, eng 101, 102, humanities, stats, micro, chemistry, psych 201, 224, sociology 201, philosophy.

    I'm taking math 114, history, speech, nutrition, philosophy and nursing classes there.
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    Would you happen to know if Chamberlain lets you transfer nursing classes as well?