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RN-BSN July 2012..

  1. 0 So I have started the ball rolling for this program. Should be starting July 9th if everything works out. Anyone else taking the online RN-BSN?
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    I have also registered for July 9th class but didn't decide whether its worth than the on campus classes, without mentioning the tuition.
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    I work full time so online is the way to go for me. Good luck to you.
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    I will be starting July 9th as well, God-willing I pass boards in June.
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    Good luck to all aspiring for their BSN!!
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    Hi I hope to start on July 9 also. I will start with transitions and maybe algebra....what are your thoughts
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    @Ozzia from what I read from the older posts, you pick the right combination.
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    I haven't decided yet but that sounds like a good way to start. I just finished my fafsa last week so I'm hoping all goes well.
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    Hello all. Need some advice. I'm not the best student and figured that I can probably only handle one class a session (2 a semester) with working full-time and having a family to care for. I'm wondering if I should take 2 classes the 1st session since the one class is the Transitions class. I'm hoping it's an easier class compared to the others, but don't want to assume that. Anyone know of anyone who has taken it and/or what are your thoughts?
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    jerseygirl- if you are taking it on campus you can do it. it's super easy, kind of a joke actually
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    I'm taking it online...heard there are a lot of papers involved, as with every other class as well, especially Health Assessment.
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    Hi, I am starting July 9, 2012 as well. I am starting with Transitions and English. BSN here we come !
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    Did you get registered yet? I work fulltime as well and online is definitely the way to go.