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I am about to start an online rn to bsn through Chamberlain College of Nursing on march 1st 2010. I've read lots of reviews, more good than bad, so I decided to proceed. I am wondering if anybody out... Read More

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    I don't think it's worth the cost. It's far too expensive, and I don't think the support during the program is that great.
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    Oh, totally. I mean, to be perfectly honest, I think no matter where you choose it's the same BS (bullsh#!) degree. Doesn't hold a candle to real floor nursing experience in terms of difficulty. Put in the time, tell them what they want to hear (your instructors) and VOILA! bachelors. It may have been a bit more expensive than some other programs but it was still in the ballpark.
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    The problem of not getting an insta-job. My area is saturated with BSN's so it really only helped a bit I think. Your area may be different. It's tough out there right now no matter what you education level....
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    And, oh, FWIW, the lady that hired me was VERY impressed I had gone to Chamberlain. She said it turned out good nurses....
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