How's the Atlanta Campus Class Schedule

  1. Hello all!

    So I am most likely going to go to this school and wanted to know what the class schedule is typically like.

    1. What part of your schedule can YOU, the student pick, or is each class, the day, instructor, and time of day already chosen for you?

    I am about to start a full time job, so I'd like to know how the school schedule interferes, so I can come up with a good plan for when I can work once I start the program.

    2. What is the earliest classes start and until what time can they run? 6 am to 6 pm or later??? Even earlier on exam days???

    3. I've already completed my A&Ps, Micro, Psyc 1101 & 1102, Engl 1101 & 1102, POLS, Humanities, and a Hist elective...So which classes that I have yet to take can I take online? Which were fairly easy to do online if you are an independent learner? Can you take any nursing courses online?

    4. If you transfer in with a bunch of completed courses, will you still be required to register full time. How the my advisor made it sound, they make you enroll full time to finish in the 3 year timeframe. However, if you aren't starting from scratch at their campus, then you technically have less courses to finish in the same timeframe, so you can span them out and still finish in 3 years. Is that an option?

    5. I know this is more financial, but what did you do to pay for this tuition? What are the steps to getting enough loans to cover for this program? Is it possible for you to apply for the loans and not qualify and be stuck accepted, but with no way to pay it?

    This new job will change my aid eligibility, and I am pretty certain (70%) I will lose the rest of my PELL for the next aid year (2017-2018), as my newer income will change on my taxes. I still wont make enough to pay out of pocket

    Thank you all for your help!

    P.S. If anyone is planning to enter the program either Spring 18 or later in 2018, maybe we can connect to study for the HESI!!! if you're interested, PM me!

    thanks again!

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  3. by   Future_GA_nurse
    so NNM, you're not going to apply with me this year ???
  4. by   NeoNatMom

    I really wish I could, but the chances of me going remote at my new job so soon are pretty slim. It takes being very accurate, experienced enough to be on your own, and having seniority over others working towards remote positions to get one. Once I get one, I still have to get accepted and possibly move closer to the campus. I really didnt have anything like this lined up for me before, and I really need the money. It's a really good foot in the door for me to get a RN position once I graduate so I'm doing this as a safety net. I can work at home PT and study between calls. It's the perfect opportunity for my current situation. But I am going to try to go remote ASAP. If I could go remote faster, trust me, I'd apply and start sooner. Who really knows, maybe I'll get in sooner than I think. But I am willing to be more patient if it will improve my current financial situation.

    I wish you the very best of luck whenever you start!

  5. by   Future_GA_nurse
    i totally understand. I've accepted a role at Grady which will be a foot in the door for me also. It's flexible so I'm sure I can work around my school schedule until clinical start. I was seriously thinking about applying for May session but b/c of the new job, I've pushed it back until August. You know what's best for you and your budget! Good luck in your new role.
  6. by   NeoNatMom
    Thank you! and congratulations to you, wow Grady is awesome!