First time on website :) question about tuition

  1. Hi you all wonderful people!

    I have been thinking about going to this school since my friend just graduated from here and she got the job she wanted. The tuition on the website says $85,000 for the whole 3 years BSN degree. I only qualify for $9,000 a year federal loan. How are you all paying for this expensive school?! Also I live 1.30 hrs away from the college so I'm also worried about all the traveling. How log do u guys have driven? And I really don't wanna take out private loans
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Welcome to allnurses! You're very wise to think twice (or three times, or four times!) about how to pay for expensive schools. The bottom line (pun intended) is that graduates end up with an enormous amount of debt, debt that they sometimes cannot pay because it is not a kind market for new grads right now (see article: I'm glad your friend got the job she wanted, but that is still a lot of money for a BSN. If you don't want to take out private loans to make up the difference and you are concerned about the commute, listen to your inner concerns and keep looking until you find a program/school that you can live with and that won't take such a heavy toll on your pocketbook. Good luck!
  4. by   Minicyni
    That's what my reasoning mind says but then I get all giddy thinking about my BSN diploma and living the whole college experience, I mean I am a great disciplined student and I know I can do the grades I just don't know if I can do the $$$!
  5. by   luvnlfe,LMT
    I am attending chamberlain in chicago and I can tell you that I researched all the schools in the area with cost and time. And chamberlain was competitive with the other programs that offered BSN. Some other schools were a tiny bit cheaper but I would be going to school longer since they have sizeable wait lists. YOu can go to city colleges and get an associates degree however their wait list is even longer since they are so much cheaper and magnet hospitals will not hire without a BSN.
  6. by   Minicyni
    And may I ask u how ur paying for it all? What does a semester usually run up to? I live in the Rockford area so it'll take me a 1.40hr drive to and from and at my local community college there are really no wait lists since its a small town I can start my associates next fall (I just started this spring doing pre reqs)
    I hate the thought of private loans...
  7. by   Kdrenee
    I applied for the Houston campus, I fell in love with the school when I went to visit! I also live an hr away from my campus, but I dont care.. I want my BSN, and don't want to settle for my associates when the Houston market is very much pro BSN.

    Chamberlain is very expensive, and I dont get ANY government financial aid because my dad makes too much money, and I am considered a dependent until age 24. SO I am going to apply for EVERY grant I can, save my money, and sell some stuff (LOL) to help pay for the cost. My last resort will be a private loan, which I will most likely to have to get, but It will definitely not be for 85k.

    My advice to you if you end up choosing chamberlain, do every pre-req at your community college first and it will cut the cost by A BUNCH. Also, if there are any other BSN programs in your area, look into them. You may find, as I did, that the cost of other programs vs. Chamberlain is not too different. Chamberlain was actually cheaper than another program I looked into (a university) and not much more than a few others.

    My aunt is a nure and she went to a private school that was more than Chamberlain. She had to get a private loan in the end, and she doesn't regret it. Of course it will be a bit of a pain, but you have to do what you have to do. My aunt also got help from her job to pay back her loans. Many hospitlas have tuition reimbersment programs!

  8. by   Minicyni

    I love the school too! I understand it might not be much than other programs it is just harder to pay for because you have to do it all at once, if I get my associates u can work as an RN pay for the BSN. I Definately want my bachelors I'm so scared of private loans I've heard horror stories about them.
    My drive is about 1 hour and 40-45 mins. Almost 2. Ugh I hate this indecisiveness.
  9. by   Kdrenee
    For sure! The adn-bsn route is great! I am just tired of school already, and want to get it over with. When I calculated the cost of my local ADN program, plusthe cost of an RN-BSN program it was not much cheaper than going straight BSN. BUT you are right, working as an RN will be great when it comes to getting your BSN. I am just afraid I would not find a job as an ADN and then I would be in the same situation I was to begin with. The Houston job market for new grads is a nightmare, especially for new grads with their associates.

    You said you get 9k a year in federal aid? That would be about half of the tuition for the year i'm thinking. If you really want to go to Chamberlain you could maybe try and get grants to cover the rest of the years tuition?

    If not, just go the ADN route! I think everyone is in a different situation and should choose what fits their needs best! I'm set on Chamberlain though, I love it! I am determind to find a way to pay for my school there without having too much debt. I will just have to live very moderately for a while.
  10. by   Minicyni
    I totally feel you!
    And 9k would only cover one semester. $645 a credit hour for credits 1-6 and $100 credits 7 and up. Maybe Houston is cheaper
  11. by   Pixie.RN
    I went the ADN route, then did Chamberlain for the RN-BSN. After three Associates degrees and a BSN, the BSN was the first time I had to take out a student loan. In the end, I had about $9K in student loan debt -- a lot better than $85K, OMG! The total for the RN-BSN was about $17K at the time (2008-2010), but I had $3K/year tuition reimbursement from my employer, plus a small scholarship from my hospital. Definitely better than taking out huge student loans, though I understand the temptation to just get it done. I really enjoyed the RN-BSN through Chamberlain, though. Please explore your ADN options locally, just to see what you could do without taking out huge loans. Good luck!!
  12. by   kguill975
    Call the HR departments of hospitals near you and ask them what their ideal candidate looks like, are BSNs preferred over ADNs? In some areas of the US, ADNs are welcomed with open arms, because there is a lack of BSN prepared nurses. I think you are being very smart to consider the financial obligations so early. Good Luck to you!
  13. by   futurenurse59

    I'm also interested in this school, but I live in NYC.
    Any luck that NYC recognize Chamberlain and I'll a job after graduation.
    I need help :/
  14. by   Katieerin
    I plan to eventually move forward with my BSN, however, for the time being, with a toddler and one income coming in ( my husband) I have to start slow. I am going for my associates and once I get a job I will start my schooling for BSN where the job has tuition reimbursement, scholarships, etc. and of course there will be 2 incomes in the home at that point. It will take me a little longer but financially it's what best for our family.