Chamberlain RN to BSN online Jan 2013 - page 4

Hi everyone I will be dooing the RN to BSN online with chamberlain starting Jan. 2013. My first two classes are SOCS 350 Cultural Diversity and NR 351 Transitions in Professional Nursing. If you... Read More

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    I took the Vietnam class. Was doable and I think the least heavy in papers I guess.
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    Vietnam....not a bad class at all.
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    Quote from Jayre88
    Hi. I'm enrolled in chamberlain due to graduate this July. I took soc 351 and nur 351 together. The nursing classes are very easy, it's the decry classes that require the most work. I hated cultural diversity. We had to write so many papers. The undergrad classes are the hardest.
    Did you have any problems finding a job after completing the RN/BSN program from Chamberlain??

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