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Hello fellow RN-BSN students or prospective students! I thought I would start a new topic for the March session. I'm a new Chamberlain student and will be taking NR 351 Transitions in Professional Nursing to ease back into the... Read More

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    Quote from RNdancer

    ************** is my instructor. I've printed off the example for the time management project but I haven't started yet. I work 3 shifts in a row, including the first day of class, so I'll have to start on Tuesday.

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    Oops, looks like I can't list the instructor. I'll PM you.

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    I have a dif. Instructor.. I have also begun working on assignment... Just posted to the discussions today!! So far seems to be going well!! Are u taking more than this class?
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    No, just taking one class for my first session, to ease back into the student role. Also my student loans wouldn't cover two classes this session, but a new financial aid year begins soon. I'll take two at a time from now on, and if I can keep that up I will be done in 12 months!

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    I just started this week and so far, so good! What do you guys think about your Transitions class?
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    starting in may. how are the classes, are there a lot of chapters assigned because i read very slowly, that will determine if i can handle two classes at a time while working. are there any "labs" like for assessment class, if so how are they handled are they paper labs or virtual labs or use your workplace an your real patients kind of lab. very curious. I will be in chamberlain and an OR training program at the same time. Pretty sure i will start with one class while i am training and then hopefully i can do two at a time to finish up quicker. Don't know how many classes i have to take yet, they are still figuring that out, but they have been super helpful so far. Are they still that helpful when you are really in. I can access the student portal and i have a D number but that is about it, I am actually a student at Notre Dame college and am transferring to Chamberlain because at most i will only have to take 42 credits, probably less, but at Notre Dame they don't offer credit for your license and ASN so i have to take 64 credits, so i decided to get outta dodge and get done sooner rather than later. Was going to choose Chamberlain to begin with but i never spoke to the reps, wish i had, because i definitely would have chosen them.
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    also forgot to ask, did anyone transfer from another asn-bsn program and chamberlain accepted any of your nursing classes for transfer?
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    Hello, I want a quick BSN. I am considering Chamberlain bc I have a diploma and a Bachelor's in an unrelated field. I have had Statistics but not Econ. Does anyone have an idea of how long Chamberlain may take? I have emailed for info but have not talked to them yet.
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    the courses are 8 week sessions. you have to take 32 credits with them for residency. they give you 82 credits for having your RN and then they look at your courses to see what else they can transfer in. You may have to take some extra classes that you ordinarily wouldn't have had to take to make that 11 class, 32 credit residency requirement because you already have a bachelor degree. I only had to take 11 classes down to 9 now. you can take as many as you think you can handle in an 8 week semester. You can go ahead in the nursing classes because you get the whole syllabus and assignments at the beginning of class. I finished my transitions class in 4 weeks because i went ahead. The nursing classes don't have tests, just discussions and some have one paper at the end. My transitions class had no paper, but smaller assignments that were pretty easy. The gen ed classes have tests and or papers and the discussion forum postings which are mandatory. I transferred to chamberlain from notre dame and i like it so far. The staff is very involved to make sure you are doing well and have all your questions answered.
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    Thank you, alodocious! Do you mind me asking, how much is tuition for 32 credits? Can you start another nursing class now since you finished transitions early?
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    I will answer the tuition question since I just talked to an admissions advisor today. It is $590/credit hour but if you join the ANA, you get a 10% discount to $531/hr.

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