Chamberlain Nursing Jan. 2018

  1. Hi guys!
    I plan on starting in January at the miramar campus and I am kinda hoping to connect with others who are also or any almuni willing to give any pointers, motivation, or input on the program and what to expect. I hope creating this will be helpful!
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  3. by   sicilib
    Has anyone taken the HESI at chamberlain, i take it the 17th, some pointers would be great!
  4. by   gilbertromario
    Hey! I was planning on taking the Hesi on November, can you give me any advice
  5. by   gilbertromario
    Hey how did you do on the Hesi?
  6. by   Ozzoe
    The HESI is pretty simple if you give it about a week of brushing up on all the subjects they will be testing you on. I got the Hesi PockPrep app (purple and white and about $14 I believe) and I think that was one of my favorite study tools! I also watched crashcourse anatomy videos on youtube, there are about 40 of them. Start on lesson 1 and just work your way to the end. They were entertaining and touched on all anatomical areas. Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology: Crash Course A&P #1 - YouTube
    I also got this book and read through it all and made flashcards. Admission Assessment Exam Review, 4e: 978323353786: Medicine & Health Science Books @
    The vocabulary, math and grammar sections were excellent in this book and really related to everything on the actual exam. A&P, Biology and Chemistry were well covered as well, but I think you need to find some outside resources for those subjects in addition to what's covered here to really nail those sections. If you just use this book and the pocketprep app you should be fine though.