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Hey all!! Just wondering if there are any Houston applicants or current students... What are your thoughts so far about the school???:coollook:... Read More

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    Hi houstonrnhopeful

    Your inbox is full so couldn't get to reply to you there, I'll try again later maybe you would have cleared it by then :-)

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    Hey I was wondering if you two have started to attend Chamberlain? What are your thoughts, would you do it all over again?
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    Hi there

    not yet, classes start this summer, so we'll know by then, but looking good thus far :-)
    are you applying to Chamberlain Houston?
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    I am in the process of applying to Chamberlain CON and would like to know if you like the program so far. I hope I get in! I have a B.S. in Biology( didn't do to well in undergrad) and a Master's in Healthcare administration, but I'm still really worried about the evaluation. Could you please tell me what their experience with the application process was like....from A to Z?

    Thank you!
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    The experience was smooth, but they require a 3.0 GPA overall and nursing prerequisites. The second degree BSN is only summer and currently only in Houston. Good thing though is you get one on one attention with everybody student services and all. You can look up other requirements on their website Chamberlain College of Nursing - Nursing Schools with locations in Addison and Chicago, Illinois, Jacksonville and Miramar, Florida, St. Louis Missouri, Columbus, Ohio, Houston, Texas and Arlington, Virginia Nursing School Campuses.. Let me know if you have other questions. It is better to go for the second degree BSN though since you have a Masters degree already.

    Good Luck
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    Just curious, how long after you apply to the accelerated program did you get your acceptance?
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    About 2 months after I applied. I was called in for an interview about 6 weeks after I applied and received a call and email about acceptance about 2 weeks later :-)
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    Thank you! I have an appointment with the advisor this Friday. Hopefully I will have some answers as to where I stand with my transcript evaluation, some of my science classes are 11 years old so I'm a bit nervous.
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    Question for Texan applicants: I have not taken the ACT or SAT do I need to take one to apply? Will my TAKS scores suffice? They have at other colleges, and I've already taken the HESI A2. Will I have to retake it?
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    Hey everybody!!!!! I got accepted into chamberlain today!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!

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