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  1. by   jade18
    See you tomorrow at orientation!
  2. by   marisar
    Hi guys!
    So excited for tomorrow! I'm taking NR 101, NR222 and NR281/282. I will also find out my schedule tomorrow.
  3. by   ~Goddy_Gud~
    does anyone know if we are gonna need a stethoscope for fundamentals i, patho i, or health assessment i labs?
  4. by   KMA722
    I have a few questions I was hoping someone who is currently attending Chamberlain could answer for me because I'm thinking about going to the open house on Tueaday.
    1. Are they fully accreditatied?
    2. If you are transferring GenEds from another school, does your tuition decrease?
    3. At what hospitals are their clinical sites?
    4. Are there any hospitals in the area who will not hire BSNs who received their degree from CCN? I'm worried about not being able to get my dream job in the ER at Northwestern or Christ Medical Center
  5. by   KMA722
    Sorry one more question.
    5. If you receive your BSN from CCN, can you get your mast
  6. by   KMA722
    *masters from another school?

    Sorry it keeps cutting me off.
    Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I've tried to do some research online and I have gotten completely unstable feedback. Thanks and good luck to everyone starting this fall!
  7. by   stash11

    I would recommend attending a much cheaper school that will save you money in the long run, and one that is fully recognized and looks out for your success. With this one, once they sign you up, they push you to a lower counselor who doesn't know a thing to take over your records, while they pursue "new fish", so be careful with this one. 3 people that I know pulled out of the Houston campus already, just in the first few weeks as tuition kept changing on them.
    How do you attend a school that doesn't know if the program is accredited or not? What a joke!! It was the students who had to call the accrediting organization, the so-called faculty and admin staff didn't have a clue, lol.
    Please look for a professional school that knows what they are doing and if you're looking at getting your Masters degree, then please do yourself a favor and go to another school, seriously.

    All the Best
  8. by   jade18
    This is totally incorrect! I'm actually laughing out loud at how ridiculous this sounds. I can't speak for Houston, but I can speak for Addison ( which this thread is for) the program is CCNE accredited which is the desired certification for nursing programs. Our president always updates the student on this status and just restated this last week. I just started the program and I've had a good experience this far. The teachers fully care about your success as a student.
  9. by   stash11
    Well, I'm sure I did say Houston Campus, not sure how Addison is run, so can't speak for them, but Houston campus is a hot mess, simple, especially after they lied to the new students about already having a second degree BSN program in the past which was later found to be a lie, and now can't even get a date for clinical immersion, lol. They told students that clinical immersion is optional, what????
    They actually stood there and told the students the second degree BSN wasn't accredited, and students found out different from CCNE, how can a faculty head, dean, president and admissions not know that? I mean seriously? CCNE had to call them to straighten things out after the students called CCNE repeatedly, again only talking about Houston campus, they're a BIG joke!!!
  10. by   KMA722
    I appreciate the input but I'm really only interested in their accreditation and things specific to the Addison campus. Is anyone able to answer any of the questions mentioned above?
  11. by   littleone77

    I have a little less than a year left at Chamberlain so I will try to answer your questions.

    1. Are they fully accreditatied?

    Yes they are accredited. As another poster said, the dean always sens us weekly updates and many times over the past year and some months I have been at Chamberlain she has told us we are indeed accredited. I know a lot of people who don't even go to Chamberlain who tell me I am nuts for going to a school that isn't accredited and it drives me crazy that they think they know everything when the school over and over again tells us we indeed are.

    2. If you are transferring GenEds from another school, does your tuition decrease?

    Well, how much you pay depends on how many classes you are taking so yes, but don't think it will be dramatically less than everyone else. I took all my geneds at my community college and I still feel like I am being charged way too much. The one thing I hate about Chamberlain is that they can constantly raise each credit hour and you can't do anything about it. I'm paying about $25 more per credit hour now than I was a year ago. It is ridiculous but theres nothing you can really do about it.

    3. At what hospitals are their clinical sites?

    Their hospitals are all over. There are a handful in Chicago and the rest are in the suburbs but they are literally all over. Some that I know Northwestern, Loyola, University of Chicago, Christ, Glenbrook, Lutheran, CDH, Elmhurst, and much more. Just remember you will have absolutely no say in what hospital you will be going to. I know some people that got ones that were 20 min away and some that have to drive over an hour. So far all my clinical sites have been at least a 45 min drive.

    4. Are there any hospitals in the area who will not hire BSNs who received their degree from CCN? I'm worried about not being able to get my dream job in the ER at Northwestern or Christ Medical Center

    I have 2 friends that graduated from Chamberlain and got hired by Northwestern as soon as they passed their boards. It depends on the hospital. Just don't be too upset if you don't get your dream job right away. Not many people do especially as new nurses and also you have to remember that more people are going into nursing so it is getting very competitive. However, everyone that I know that has graduated from Chamberlain has gotten a job either at a hospital or a nursing home.

    5. If you receive your BSN from CCN, can you get your mast

    Of course you can. Chamberlain even has a masters program. I have a friend that graduated from Chamberlain and is right now in Loyola's master program. It doesn't matter where you got your bachelors from as long as you have one.
  12. by   KMA722

    Thank you so much! That really makes me feel a lot better. I've read good and bad things about Chamberlain all over the internet so I'm sure you can understand my apprehension. I'm glad to hear you know people who got hired at Northwestern. I know those phenomenal hospitals are hard to get into but I just wanted to make sure that it was a possibility. I'm not being unrealistic and assuming I'm going to get in there right away by any means, I just want to know that it is an option.

    I'm sure I have a lot more unanswered questions that I will think of for the open house but I really appreciate your answers. They really made me feel a lot better and not so apprehensive.

    If you don't mind me asking, are there some things you don't particularly care for about the school other than the tuition increase? And are you attending the Addison campus or Chicago campus?

    Thanks again!
  13. by   littleone77
    KMA722,Well, ill be the first to admit it's not the best nursing school out there. There have been many times where I have been frustrated with the teachers, since some are very disorganized. Don't get me wrong there are some amazing teachers, but there are also quite a few who really don't know how to teach, so you are basically teaching yourself which is the 1 reason why so many people fail the more advanced classes.Also do not depend on 1 counselor. Do your research and ask many people questions because a lot of the counselors are unreliable. I know so many people that have been screwed over because of the counselors.The money issue is a big problem and a lot of people have been dropping out because they are fed up. You start the program paying a certain amount and then 6 months later they will change the the price per credit hour and even current students will have to pay more. What a lot of other schools will do is if they raise the tuition and you are a current student you don't have to pay the same amount as new students are paying you pay the same amount you have always been paying. Chamberlain used to do that but unfortunately they dont anymore.Oh and i go to the Addison canpus