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Chamberlain College of Nursing - Addison - page 47

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    He finally replied and said he submitted my application but it would take 2-6 weeks. apprarentl there's a lot of application to be reviewed.
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    ViktoriaSecret - wow, Nick told me that when he turned my application in. I hope it doesnt take that long for you. School starts in 6 weeks.

    Let us know when you find out you got in!
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    Quote from littleone77
    No they do not look at high school grades. They just look at them to see if you graduated from high school. As for the withdraws I honestly don't know. I do know they look at many different things such as grades, how many classes you withdrawed from, etc but I do not know just how much they take it into consideration. Being a CNA won't help you get into the program. They do not ask if you are a CNA or not. Most of the people I know aren't CNAs.
    Thank you for your advice!
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    Quote from ViktoriaSecret
    Hi Maddie,

    If I remember it right as long as you have 24 credit plus Chamberlain wont look at your HS gpa. They just need want to make sure you graduated HS. I had to have my HS transcript evaluated since it's from another country.

    Not Sure about the W's in your transcripts. but you're on the right track as far as wanting to get A's to bump up your gpa.
    Any gen ed course you can take could also save you tons of $$$.

    I took CNA class from a community college that way gpa gets counted as well. But I don't think you have to be certified to get in Chamberlain.

    For A2 test English and Math weighs more than the other ones - no physics in the test by the way.
    Im really bad with math so I practiced a lot on solving problems- lots of ratios and fractions.

    As long as you have a good A2 & gpa you have nothing to worry.
    Thank you so much!
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    I'm going to the Chamberlain Addison campus open house tomorrow night...I'll share any important info I get!
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    So as I said in the post above, I went to Chamberlain's Addison campus tonight to their open house and I was very impressed! The admissions adviser that gave the admissions presentation was very detailed and answered everyone's questions. The financial aid presentation was very helpful as well. They went through all the options that we had for paying for our education and gave us many resources. The best part about the whole night though was getting to see the SIMCARE center. Its extremely high tech and they had about 5 or 6 different life size mannequins that can be programmed to do almost anything humanly possible! We got to see them and some of the students talked about how the SIMCARE center has improved their clinical experience. They said they feel so much more comfortable in clinicals because they get a lot of time practicing in the SIMCARE labs. All of the professors there were so nice and they really seem to care a lot about the students and love their jobs. One professor went over how they approach teaching in a different way because this is an accelerated bsn program. Over all I loved everything I saw and the night just reassured me that I'm making the right choice in choosing to apply to Chamberlain!

    For those of you who are wondering about their acceptance rate...The admissions speaker said that there is no cap on how many students they will accept per start date (there are 3 a year). He said they had over 200 applicants for the previous start date and 140 were accepted. This does not mean that they accept everyone or that its easy to get in if you have not so good grades...Chamberlain is addressing the issue of more than qualified nursing school applications getting turned down because of limited enrollment. Most nursing schools have less than 90 seats available and hundreds of good applications.
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    Hi Maddie,
    Thanks for the info.
    Isn't it amazing that they have the SIMCARE.
    Wow.. it sure is nice to know that there is no cap on how many students they would accept.

    I'm planning to take summer classes since I have not recieved any acceptance letter or call...
    So I might see you on fall semester.

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    Quote from ViktoriaSecret
    Hi Maddie,
    Thanks for the info.
    Isn't it amazing that they have the SIMCARE.
    Wow.. it sure is nice to know that there is no cap on how many students they would accept.

    I'm planning to take summer classes since I have not recieved any acceptance letter or call...
    So I might see you on fall semester.

    Viktoriasecret have you heard from admissions? I also applied for summer and haven't heard back. I applied mid may and was told the last admission committee meeting would the the 29th of may. I emailed my admissions counselor and she said they have reviewed all apps and I should hear soon from them. So I think we still have a chance to start in July fingers crossed. I realllllyyy want to start this summer.
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    Hi Marisar,

    I'm still waiting... school starts in a month.
    I'll send him an email today.
    I just hope my counselor did put through my application bedore May 29th.

    ajconne- How was your meeting with the academic advisor?

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    Hi Marisar,

    I also applied for this summer. I also heard that the admission committee met toward the end of May/beginning of June to make their decision. My advisor told me that I should find out sometime this week. When I emailed her yesterday there still wasn't a decision made. Hoping for the best!
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    Viktoriasecrete and jade18,
    Good luck! Hope we all hear good news!
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    ViktoriaSecret- The meeting went fine, pretty basic stuff. I had to pay $150 for my background and drug test. The student service adviser went over the financial aid I was awarded and showed me a few things in the student portal. I'm waiting for one of my official transcripts to be re evaluated and hoping to register for classes on Friday.

    I hope you and Marisar hear good news soon! My fingers are crossed.
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    Has anyone heard anything yet?