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    Please let us know if you get any updates from your friend on the school. I would love to hear from someone currently inthe program. Thanks

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    I have an interview with an advisor coming up next week, may I ask what they took into consideration and what types of questions the advisor asked? What about overall GPA? Do all of you have a decent one? They also told me I needed to take a A2 entrance test. I have read over alot of the materials on the school and it seems to offer just as much as every other school but is on the expesive side, over $6,500 per semester and there are 9 total!

    They look at your GPA & what will transfer in, I think your GPA only needs to be 2.7 to be considered. I have no idea what the A2 entrance test is, I had to take a test that was basically just a writing essay- super easy and I did it from home. Unless it is something different, I wouldn't even say that it is an interview, because I was accepted to the school without an "interview" though I did meet with the advisor just to learn about the school- his name was Josh Ryan, he was a great admissions guy.

    I have a question- people keep saying the school is expensive but I find it comparable to most other nursing schools (with the exception of UIC).. West Suburban is more expensive, Loyola, Rush, etc.... can anyone comment on this?
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    so please ignore my above statements. I just got the email this afternoon informing me of all the changes that they have made (that test is comparable to the TEAS test) with some other new requirments for March '09 applications.. BOO
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    I took the Teas Test for Chamberlain and it was a basic test of math, english, science, etc. From what my admissions advisor told me, the A2 test is harder, it has harder math, more A&P, etc.

    If you do a google search for both tests you can get an idea of their content.

    Good luck and I hope this helped.
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    I have been reading the various threads on Chamberlain College of Nursing.
    I just graduated from the online RN-BSN Sunday. I am sooooooo pleased with the program. I am one proud and well educated graduate.
    It is a top notch program. I can't attest to the onsite programs....but with the online program being excellent...I know you will not be disappointed.
    Be prepared to work!!! But that is what it is all about. You are never alone because the professors and support staff are outstanding.

    Plus they are CCNE accredited.

    They have me so excited that I am looking forward to the world of graduate school now.

    BSN RN 10/26/08!!
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    Thank you so much for your input--- I just got a call receiving early admission to begin in March for their Addison location!! So happy-- and even happier to read that you had a great experience. Thanks again!!
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    You are quite welcome. Because I am already an RN-- I did not worry about the "pass rate" of the students who take the state boards. Just check to see what the percentage is for your comparison.

    In regards to taking courses for the prerequisites at other schools...that is fine to do to save money. FYI: Chamberlain is affliated with DeVry University so your Stats, Adv. Comp, Algebra etc may be offered through them. DeVry has excellent professors also. For example: My Stats professor was a NASA rocket scientist but he explained it so I could understand it and apply it. I felt that I gained so much more than going to my local community college with all due respect. I just loved the online experience and the worldly experiences it provided. One of the DeVry students in a course was in Iraq by the way.

    Chamberlain is in the works for a Masters in Nursing so I will be curious to review that program. I hope they roll it out pretty soon!

    Good Luck. The nursing profession will be blessed to have you.:typing
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    If you don't mind me asking what is your GPA. I also applied for March but have not heard anything yet and was told that I would hear by the end of December. Did you have to take the HESI a2. If so do you remember how you did if you don't mind me asking. I have a pretty good GPA but I am not sure what my chances are of getting in. Thank you in advance.
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    I'm not sure who you were asking, but I'll answer

    My overall GPA was 3.6, but the science classes I am taking right now will be sure to lower it a bit I did take the A2 and I think I got around an 80% (not the highest, I know, I didnt get the study guide until 4 days before the test).

    As far as admission, I was called & accepted last week with "early admission", however I think it was because I was already accepted for the fall term & decided to wait for financial reasons. I am sure you'll find out sooner than later--- if you have a good GPA & got an average school on the test, I'm sure you'll be accepted. Right now we have a huge advantage since the school is not widely known yet, my guess is that a year from now it will be a lot more difficult to get into. I'm looking forward to meeting you if you decide to attend!
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    Thank you for responding, I am so nervous about getting in, my GPA is 2.92 and I scored 90.25% on the hesi. It is such a long road trying to get into nursing school and I hope this will be the end. Good luck to you and I hope to see you at chamberlain.

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