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has anyone attended or is currently attending chamberlain college of nursing in atlanta? if so, how is it? any info would be greatly appreciated. i am currently attending a technical college and have done all of my pre requisites... Read More

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    Hi Teah8177,

    I'm hoping to start in January. I take the HESI exam next month.

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    @Chrissie, I HOPE I'm done wit financial aid! I just signed my promissory note on Monday. How did u guys like orientation yesterday?!
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    Orientation was long....all of the information that they went over had either been gone over at open house, pre-enrollment. It was ok though...just long and repetitive lol.
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    Yep...they were dumbing down simple stuff cuz people were asking dumb questions. Who ever said "there's no such thing as a dumb question" LIED.
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    Yes!!! LOL! The same questions over and over! The crazy thing is they weren't even relevant questions!
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    Everybody ready for class?!
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    I thought I was! I think I let my nerves get the best of me!
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    I'm a mix of excited and terrified lol. I am ready to get started though.
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    Me too! I thought it was just me...I have class tomorrow at 1.
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    You lucky girls! I start in October :-) can't wait until my 1st day

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