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    To answer everyone's questions....coming from a 3rd semester Chamberlain student...

    There are males there. Not many, but it's starting to get more equal. I think men are becoming more okay with being nurses.

    Working you can get away with up until the fundamentals semester, then it's really really hard. Between clinicals, care plans, and everything else, I don't recommend it. I work on the weekends only. It's all personal preference.

    Average age is about 25 I want to say. Theres some young, some old, but most people I know are between 22-25.

    I personally love it there. There are good and bad teachers and everyone has their own opinion. I knew when I first went there that I was going to like it. As far as money goes, the only cheap BSN program is UIC and that's almost impossible to get into, so only you can make that decision.
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    Congrats to everyone who was accepted so far. I can't wait to meet you all in Oct. I am meeting with my advisor on Friday to start registering for classes and find out more about financial aid. I will let you guys know if I find out anything good.
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    Quote from jlsnaper
    Just found out this morning that I was accepted to Chamberlain for the October 2009 program. Am also accepted at Univeristy of St. Francis in Joliet. Was considering taking the rest of my pre-requecs at a community college to save money and then start clinicals at St. Francis. Now I need to decide which route to go. Am meeting with my admissions advisor today. Opinions, both pro and con would be appreciated. Thanks. Also, anyone who goes to Chamberlain have an estimate of the average age of students in the BSN program. Just curious.
    Hi, can you please tell me how did you find out that you got accepted to Chamberlain ? Did they send you a letter or call you ? I took Hesi on June 29 th and everything else is completed, I got 86 on it, and my gpa is 3.06. But I haven't heard from them yet. :typing
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    They called me and then sent me an official letter when I got in. Not sure what they do now.
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    I received a call, too, from my admissions advisor. He indicated we needed to have a meeting ASAP. So I drove there and was handed the packet containing all the materials you need and forms to complete. Still not sure where I'm going. Was hoping for feedback on St. Francis vs. Chamberlain but haven't seen any replies pop up that address St. Francis. Am also waiting for Chamberlain to review University of Iowa transcript/syllabus to confirm how many hours are transferring.
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    st. francis university, the one in joliet is a good school. I have a friend that attends there, actually two and they like it. They say the teachers are good, but honestly I think Chamberlain is good to. Either way what you decide, both nursing schools are good and it is really what you make of it. Go for the one that is cheaper or better fit for your needs, like travel time or financial aid or what not. Good luck and congrats!
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    okay this replay is to the person who got accepted both at u of st.francis and chamberlain

    i personally would prefer to go to u of st.francis i applied there aswell for the spring '10 semster so i havent found out yet but i got in for fall at chamberlain so im sticking with chamberlain if i cant get my acceptance to move to spring...however if i were u i would go to u of . st francis depending on your housing and stuff i mean the school is about 21 a year however they give u an already guranteed $5000 if you have a minimum 3.0 and it goes up depending on ur gpa so that knocks tuition down to 16,000 so plus finaicial aid and stuff should be very much affordable.. g luck to u thats my thoughts

    k another you guys know anything about finaincia aid at chamberlain? r they generous ..they seem like they are a bit stingy on money and stuff
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    Thanks godislove89 and everyone who has replied. I was leaning towards USF. It has really great accrediation; etc. I have to admit I wasn't aware of the automatic financial assistance. My GPA is 3.86 from the U of Iowa, so hopefully that'll be worth even more! I'll also save some additional cash by taking classes this fall at a community college so sounds like a plan. I agree I need to visit but started full-time nanny position for the summer the day I came home from Iowa, so have not had much time to do anything this summer.
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    Quote from ocean17
    Hi, can you please tell me how did you find out that you got accepted to Chamberlain ? Did they send you a letter or call you ? I took Hesi on June 29 th and everything else is completed, I got 86 on it, and my gpa is 3.06. But I haven't heard from them yet. :typing
    Hi Ocean17, are you still waiting for a call? I am
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    Hi, I am still waiting. I sent email to Josh and he said that the final reviews will be in the last week of August.
    I am planning on taking some classes at community college in the fall and probably will reapply to Chamberlain again . Did you take Hesi just once ?

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