When do CRNA usually retire? When do CRNA usually retire? | allnurses

When do CRNA usually retire?

  1. 0 Due to the special requirement of the job, good eyesight. Usually people need reading glasses in their 50s, just wondering in most cases, when do CRNA retire?
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    A lot of CRNAs practice well into their 60's and even 70's. Reading glasses are not a problem.
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    Thats it I am getting lasik. LOL
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    At the recent AANA meeting, membership data showed a number of CRNAs in the over 65 group. Anesthesia is a profession, not a job, so people tend to take it seriously and stay in it as long as they safely can. I personally know about five CRNAs who are over 70 and who happily do anesthesia every day.
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    My wife and I plan to retire from the profession at age 59... about 4 more years. Fortunately this job pays well enough you can put away serious money to retire on. We actually will not be looking at a decrease in income once we retire.