what type patient to discuss for an interview.

  1. 0 I am interviewing in a few weeks for a CRNA program. Rumor has it that they ask you to discribe a critical patient that you have taken care of and they begin to drill you on that patients care....What type patient do you suggest..??
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    It would be a good idea to have a couple pt stories better. Maybe a pt that you felt you provided great care to and why. A pt that went down the tubes and what you learned from it, maybe a bad code situation? Good Luck!
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    Bone up on a few critical patients patients you cared for in the past that required intensive monitoring and interventions, e.g., DIC, ARDS, Septic Shock.
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    One that you feel most comfortable talking about. Don't bring up anything you don't fully understand. If you don't understand the patho behind DKA, don't use a patient with DKA. Don't know what receptors dobutamine works on, don't bring up a patient on dobutamine. So on and so forth.
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    Thanks for the input...it really helps...I am confused between the lines of what they think i should know now and what i will learn in the CRNA program. How in depth am i expected to know things as a nurse.? I know why the certain drips and what effects it has on the different systems such as CO and vasoconstriction and heart rate...do they expect me to know the receptors of the drugs as well?
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    Go with what you know--depending on the program, they will go into depth about it or just skim. One interview, I was asked to describe two with minor questions...the other I was quizzed by the patho teacher from the med school (who also taught the CRNAs) on everything about the patho...then was asked about 2-3 questions on treatments that were 'experimental'...they did this to see if the candidate would try to bs them or just say 'I don't know about that'...

    main thing is brush up on patho/meds, and be truthful.

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