What is an SRNA?

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    I have been doing some resaerch on CRNA's and I keep reading about SRNA's. From what I have gathered a SRNA is a student CRNA. Could somebody let me know if I am right.

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    You are correct. SRNA stands for Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist. You may also see the initials RRNA. Some programs have started using this and it stands for Resident Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Need more info just e-mail me I am a CRNA.
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    LOL. I kept thinking SRNA was a typo for CRNA until I did a search to confirm my assumption. Thanks for the clarification. ~ 7 years later.
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    SRNA = "state registered nursing assistant"..can take licence anywhere in that state

    CNA= certified nursing assistant..local to where licence was established:heartbeat
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    It could be a State registered nursing assistant. That is the title I have in KY for that.
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    SRNA are the credentials a student registered nurse anesthetist uses for docmentation purposes. Upon passing the National certification test, they become Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.
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