Pre-reqs for a CRNA?

  1. 0 I was just wondering, if I decide to one day apply to take classes to be a CRNA, is it a requirement that I must work in an ICU setting before I can start schooling? Or is working in an acute-care setting sufficient? I am a float RN, so I work on the Cardiac Progressive, Surgical, Neuro, Oncology, Ortho, and Medical floors. Will that be ok to apply?
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    The best way to find that out would be to go to the website of the crna school you are interested in attending and look up the admission requirements.
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    I think you have to have a years experience in an Intensive Care setting.
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    All of the schoolsI have looked at want either ICU experience or ER experience at a level 1 trauma center. I think the ICU experience is preferred though.
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    I have a friend who is a CRNA and she said it was required of her to work for at least a year in ICU. I don't know if this matters but she went to school in Kansas.
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    I looked into this pretty thoroughly for CRNA schools in East Tennessee. The answer was always minimum 1 year ICU (preferably Surgical ICU, but not exclusively). I did, however, meet a CRNA who had worked 20 years in the Operating Room and she managed to get accepted into school without ICU experience.

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