J.O.B.S. in Denver, CO

  1. Hey all! I graduate in a year from CRNA school....and am wanting to relocate to Denver, CO. I've seen VERY few jobs out there. Anyone have any insight on the job status out there?
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  3. by   hope3456
    Dont specifically onow about crna but the market for entry level rns is saturated. To many nsg schools.
  4. by   FancypantsRN
    I just moved to Denver. There are jobs here - it just takes a bit of patience. It is quite different than I am used to - the job search here.

    I got a job after about 2 months of applying - it was worth the wait though. It was scary before I caught on though. They use recruiters here - which in Florida, I never really dealt with (just HR and the manager).

    If you don't already have it, I would apply for you CO license about 2 months before you relocate here and start applying at the same time to get your name out there.

    Good luck and btw - Denver is a pretty great place to live : )
  5. by   schmandy12
    @fancypantsrn...do you work for an anesthesia group? or does the hospital employee you as a CRNA? And do you have names of a recruiting company? I almost want to start throwing my name out there now even though I'll be done with CRNA school in a year, figure I might as well start looking for a job. THANK YOU!
  6. by   Class2011
    Doesn't sound to me like fancypants is a CRNA, likely unaware of where she is posting, apologies if I'm wrong

    I don't know anything first hand about the CO market, but am told that it at least was unfriendly to CRNAs, hopefully that will change as they're opting out
  7. by   FancypantsRN
    Guys - I am sorry!!! I feel like a doof. I thought this posting was under general nursing and I replied to the Denver part of it - my apologies. I am pretty new to posting here and will pay more attention next time. Again, sorry to mislead - I am not a CRNA (just an RN).

    Good luck to you in your job search though