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Would like to know what a CRNA really makes. Are you in a group, working for a hospital, or working for a doctor. What is the most profitable, group vs. hosp. Does this vary from state to state? How much can an new to experienced... Read More

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    I made 30 an hour as an ICU nurse doing locums, nights/weekend back in the early 80s. They sure were long 12 hr shifts.
    The last spot I had was a 2 week on and 2 week off gig for $170k. My two weeks on were not busy, many times I had no cases and stayed home or whatever. As long as I could respond within 30min for OB or emergencies.
    So the hourly pay is not really comparing apples to apples anyway. It is a whole different life.

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    I have heard that CA pays way more than other parts of the country. Pittsburgh is unfortunately low in pay. It's cheap to live here but still...I was shocked when I was told that as well.

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