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CRNA's Oregon and Washington

  1. 0 Hey all! I am looking to shadow a CRNA in the field in either Oregon or Washington. I am from Portland Oregon and don't really know the best way to accomplish this. I am a BSN student, and before I get jumped on for shadowing above my pay grade, let me explain my situation. I need to shadow a CRNA sooner rather than later not because I am going to attempt to enter CRNA school before I do 3-5 years in the ICU but because I need to make a choice between CRNA and FNP by the time I complete my BSN. I originally reentered school with a goal of FNP to supplement my chiropractic degree. After observing some CRNA's in clinical, I am now examining this as an option. I can either stick to the original plan and head to FNP school when I graduate or start looking for ICU work (or something that will lead to it). It all hinges on if I think CRNA is right for me, for which I need to do some shadowing. I would really appreciate any help and thanks for all the great info on this site.
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    Shadowing is really important for both of those career choices. Take advantage of being a nursing student and see if your school can set up the shadowing for you. I shadowed after I was already an RN and it was really hard to find a hospital that would let me. I contacted my prospective anesthesia schools and they actually set me up with a shadowing experience. I still had to basically sneak into the OR before anyone would give me the time of day.
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    I'd look up and call some local anesthesia practices that utilize CRNAs and ask to shadow one. That's how I did it here. AANW is one group based in the Portland area that utilizes CRNAs.

    Good luck!