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I have been working in CSICU icu at a level one trauma center as a charge nurse for 5 years now. We see the sickest patients imaginable, on every drip in the book. I have taken care of patients with open chests, IABP, CVVHD,... Read More

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    beta-blockers have been used for such situations but i wouldn't recommend it.

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    Man oh man just had my interview yesterday and I sttu sttu stuttered like never before. I was not answering any of the questions I was given smoothly. On top of that I had to write a quick essay or some sort in the end with the panel being there in front of me. How nerve racking. Sucks that you know the field and you know how to be an excellent critical care nurse and you freeze at that moment when it really counts! I wish I can turn back time and get a do over! I feel your pain sammer! I have quite the same background as you and I fumbled with the interview big time. Stay focus and try again is the best thing to do now. Keep your head up!
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    Well, I guess I can join the club of panic attack interviews. Mine was just a little case of self-sabotageDidnt sleep all night before, then got worried when I started passing out 2 hours before the interview and in my wisdom decided to have a Red Bull(never had one before). Those things should be banned. I knew clinical stuff well but regular questions I could not put two sentences together and began to hyperventilate. Dont think I have a chance Sometimes we truly are our own worst enemy.
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    My two cents. If you were alone and had twelve people watching you initiate care of a patient with an open chest on your first day as a nurse, you would probably be just as nervous and panicky as you were in the interview. Interviewing is a completely different beast! If you interviewed 40 hours a week for two years, you'd be a pro!

    Deleted by traumarus: Please don't give medical advice - this against our terms of service to which you agreed when you joined.
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    Don't sweat it. I once burst into tears during a panel interview. I did not get offered the job, but every interveiw since has been easier, b/c the worst humiliation is behind me!

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