Anti-CRNA website= such B.S.!!!!

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    Has anyone seen the grossly misinformed website called "Doctor by your side" ????

    Website is a complete joke. I was just looking at it and the misrepresentation of MDA's vs. CRNA's is pretty disgusting. It's sad that this is an actual website for the public...another area for people to be misinformed and then form wrong opinions about CRNAs.
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    I went to the site, and what a bunch of garbage. They don't even mention that the CRNA is a RN with a BSN, Master's, and 1 to several years experience in critical care. The "personal stories" don't say that anyone had a bad experience, just that they were super mom or super daughter for making sure that their family member was attended by a MD. I've had the luxury of working with several CRNAs and those particular CRNAs were much more attentive about returning a call, calling to check on a patient after a surgery, etc. The only surgical med error I ever saw was a MD who didn't check allergies or do a "time out" before they started to put the patient out -- gave the person something they had a known allergy to, and I ended up pushing solumedrol and benedryl like crazy and the person almost ended up intubated. Smooth move, doc.
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    This site is pretty crazy. However I noticed it said that CRNA's complete 2 years of additional schooling, which can be on-line. I have never heard of an on-line CRNA program...
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    Hahaha. It just sucks that people will read that and BELIEVE it. They also make it seem like, the 4 years someone is in Medical school...that they are studying and practicing anesthesia for those 4 years. Such crap.

    They also have the nerve, and hugely false information, that nurse anesthesia school is ONLINE!!!
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    There are NO online CRNA programs. The ones in new england/mid atlantic areas are 28-36 months....Some SRNAs do over 500-1,000 O.R. cases and a TON of clinicals hourse dealing with real patients and real anesthetics. So much training, and they make it seem so small and miniscule.
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    I am only an RN and, I too know this is BS.
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    There are hate groups, anti-this or anti-that fan clubs for just about anything and everyone. What are you going to do. Look at the stinky hippies on wallstreet....they hate capitalism and free enterprise. Everyone needs their moment to shine. I personally hate name tags with an alphabet soup following their title. You should check out my website.

    Don't get your panties in too much of a wad though, pretty soon McSleepy will replace all anesthesia providers and the gravy train will come to an end. Newly minted Anesthesiologists, CRNAs and AAs will be the new guys marching in New York (in desperate need of a shower) demanding Obama refund our student/goverment loans.

    You would probably get a bigger rise and find you original post more fulfilling if you posted it on the “other” website…..You know which one I am talking about dude.
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    "ANYONE" can make a website; anyone. They can basically say anything as well. Don't give them power by visiting. The more hits they get the better for them. The best way to deal with this is to ignore it. We all know it's BS ... let it be. I didn't even look at it ... don't need that. Don't do them any favors by visiting the site people ... don't give them the attention.
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    Quote from ChristineN
    This site is pretty crazy. However I noticed it said that CRNA's complete 2 years of additional schooling, which can be on-line. I have never heard of an on-line CRNA program...
    Not just that, but it also says in the little graph comparison that a CRNA has 2-4yrs of education! This leads the consumer to believe that a CRNA ONLY has 2-4yrs of college. This DOES NOT say that the CRNA has a 2yr ADN/ 4yr BSN + an MSN, and not to mention the years of RN experience required in an ICU! Altogether to become a CRNA, it requires just about/ nearly the same amount of education and training as an MD. An RN CANNOT just become a CRNA overnight - which is what this website is implying. Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt the quickest time to become a CRNA about 8yrs? same as becoming an MD? HOWEVER, to become a GREAT CRNA more years are needed. Ive seen CRNAs in the OR and it looks to me that they do 98% of the work. The MD is there in name mainly.

    P.S. I quote you to add emphasis to my post because I agree, even if my post may "sound" as if I am angry at you. Which I am TOTALLY NOT! lol I am angry at this website
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    When I had a c-sec with my son, I was attended by the most wonderful, caring individual...who happened to be a CRNA. Just had to say it.

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