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I was vacationing in the tropics a few weeks ago and met three handsome Anesthesiologists while sun bathing at the pool. We all chatted a little until the topic of our professions came up. I told them I was starting nursing... Read More

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    Quote from oncall24/7
    once again, patient safety is thrown to the wind by nurses who want to act as solo anesthesia providers...
    "Once again," please provide some evidence that this is the case, beyond your obviously strong and sincere opinion ...

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    Somebody, PLEASE close this thread. It just keeps going nowhere. It needs to be dead.
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    Every time I administer an anesthetic, patient safety is my sole focus; thank you for your reminder to 'focus on patient safety', though, your reminder is quite unnecessary! Good patient outcomes, happy surgeons...awesome! The fact that our surgeons don't care if it's because of a CRNA or an MDA, priceless!

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