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    What's the difference between a Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Nurse Midwife in terms of what they do? Is a WHCNP an RN with a certificate and a CNM a more advanced nurse or APRN with a Master's degree? I would assume that the focus on birth would be the major, if not only, difference since CNMs do women health care.

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    They are both Advanced Practice RN Certifications, each requires an MSN.
    CNMs concentrate on taking care of pregnant women and deliviering babies.
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    And just to understand, WHCNPs concentrate on . . .? Curious, if you have an MSN can you be certified to do both?
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    Quote from studentcnm
    And just to understand, WHCNPs concentrate on . . .? Curious, if you have an MSN can you be certified to do both?
    They are two completely separate tracks. WHCNPs normally do not get delivery privileges at a hospital or clinic. CNMs do. Do go for the CNM certification, most programs require that you have two years of labor and delivery experience.........WHCNPs do not have that requirement.
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    Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN offers programs in both areas, they are very helpful if you have questions about either program:


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    Many thanks JAHJF, that's what I was looking for. It didn't occur to me to check decriptions at schools for some reason. Thanks.
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    Your welcome
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    JAHJF, to a lesser degree, so have I but I know I want to help with births and CNMs can do other women health care so I, obviously, decided for that.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Just want to clarify that CNM's do well-woman care (paps, birth control, etc.) as well as pregnancy and delivery. I wasn't sure if that was clear from reading above, maybe I just didn't catch it.
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    the university of pennsylvania offers a masters with BOTH certifications- if you opt for the cnm you will also graduate with the whnp, or you can just do the whnp. i understnad there a few other programs that offer a joint degree like this (fulltime, 18 months at penn) but i don't know who they are- does anyone?


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