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What's the difference between a Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Nurse Midwife in terms of what they do? Is a WHCNP an RN with a certificate and a CNM a more advanced nurse or APRN with a Master's degree? ... Read More

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    Quote from naggytabby
    the university of pennsylvania offers a masters with BOTH certifications- if you opt for the cnm you will also graduate with the whnp, or you can just do the whnp. i understnad there a few other programs that offer a joint degree like this (fulltime, 18 months at penn) but i don't know who they are- does anyone?

    This isn't quite the same, but Emory has a "Family Nurse Midwife" which combines FNP and CNM (I think is totally cool.. you can keep caring for the baby after it's born!!)... I don't know if they combine WHNP & CNM.

    What do WHNP's do that CNM's don't do? I mean, I know CNM's do pregnancy/delivery, but do WHNP's do any gynecological procedures that CNM's can't do? I sort of thought WHNP was CNM minus the pregnancy/delivery stuff.

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    Quote from mitchsmom
    Just want to clarify that CNM's do well-woman care (paps, birth control, etc.) as well as pregnancy and delivery. I wasn't sure if that was clear from reading above, maybe I just didn't catch it.
    I was going to clarify as well, but you said it best. A CNM can do anything a WHNP can do... but a WHNP can't deliver babies.
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    Quote from futureTMA
    And just to understand, WHCNPs concentrate on . . .? Curious, if you have an MSN can you be certified to do both?
    Yale's website states that it's program makes a graduate eligible for adult nurse practitioner certification and whnp certification (allowing you to provide not only OB/GYN care but any other health care concerns a female pt may have w/in scope of practice of course).
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    Wow, thanks for all the help.

    I was just wanting to be clear about it since it was fuzzy to me.

    Thanks mitchsmom, for the info. I'm much more interested in the FNP than the WHNP, but even better is the Community-Based Nurse-Midwifery or CNEP program.
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    San Diego State University as well....2 years.
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    Are WHNPs able to provide full-scope primary care services to women (versus only OB/GYN care)? Are CNMs?
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    I would like to know as well. Because if not, that credential has absolutely no advantage over any other. Why would you want to go to school for two years to only be able to do gyno?
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    Quote from summersunset
    I would like to know as well. Because if not, that credential has absolutely no advantage over any other. Why would you want to go to school for two years to only be able to do gyno?
    In some cases it may not be possible for a CNM to provide full scope care- in some areas is it not accepted by the medical community, in other cases laws and policies are too restrictive. In those areas CNMs are typically employed in the function of WHNPs without doing deliveries. In those areas it is beneficial to have the WHNP certification as it makes being considered for the job easier for people who may be unfamiliar with midwives. It is also a lot more expensive to provide malpractice insurance for a midwife (even when not doing deliveries) so it can often make a difference for someone who holds the dual degree to be insured as a WHNP.

    Midwives are considered primary care providers for government purposes (MEdicaire, etc) and primary care is part of the certification exam. I am not sure about this for WHNPs.
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    Can a CNM work as a WHNP and not have the same liability if they don't do deliveries? Will private practices hire CNMs who plan on not delivering instead of a whnp? Anyone know how much prenatal care whnp can do? I am possibly interested in becoming a WHNP (or cnm) but i am really interested in ob care. I don't mind too much if i don't deliver (because where i live there are a lot of whnp but very few cnm) but i do want to learn the intricacies of ob care. Will i get that in an whnp program?
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    I know at Frontier, if you graduate with your CNM, it only takes a couple of months of additional clinical hours to be eligible to take your WHNP exam. No further written or book work. I doubt that a WHNP would be doing any prenatal care. If you are interested in taking care of pregnant women at all, I would go the CNM route.

    And yes, some private practices will hire a CNM for a NP-type role, as long as they understand what a CNM is qualified to do. (Which many do not...)

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