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RN-BSN or ADN-Frontier Bridge? - page 2

I am completing my prereqs in the spring and am trying to figure the best option for me. I had planned to get my ADN and then get into the Frontier bridge program. Now I have applied for a job at a... Read More

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    Quote from kalley
    How competitive is the Bridge? What can I do now, as a pre-nursing student, to help assure myself a spot once I qualify?
    I got in having less than a year's experience as an RN in a free-standing birth center. Because of Frontier's connection to the birth center movement, I think that really helped a lot. Also, I had a bunch of years under my belt working in the birth field, including being a childbirth educator at a start-up birth center.

    As for how competitive it is, I'm not sure. I was in the second Bridge class so we were still the guinea pigs. I do know that my classmates are some really great nurses though. It would be worthwhile to call Trish Voss, the Bridge director, and ask those questions.
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    Quote from mom2michael
    Physical Assessment.

    In order to be a "bridge walker" you must have an ADN degree. An ADN degree will require a series of classes, college algebra and chemistry were very much a part of my ADN degree and I imagine just about every other ADN degree out there........
    I know the ADN is the requirement, I've been stalking the CNM degree for 6 years and working on every possibility to eventually get there. In CA, the vast majority of ADN programs do not require college algebra (right now elementary algebra is highest at all the programs in my area) or chemistry (any physical science) as part of the associate degree (independent of nursing classes). I am wondering if Frontier would require those components if they weren't part of the original ADN the applicant has or if it doesn't matter since the ADN is all they require. I will be in college algebra and chem this spring, and probably in a BSN program before my number is ever called for ADN so it's moot really. I was curious. Thanks for the PA decoding.
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    That is good to know that you can get in in less than 1 year with other experience. I am starting a job as an OB Tech in a midwife friendly hospital in January and I plan to become a certified doula as soon as I have the funds to do so. Calling Frontier does sound like a great idea so that I know what more I can do. I will wait til I know 100% that I get into my nursing program first. Chances are very good. I will find out in February.
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    I have my diploma RN. Can you do the bridge with diploma or must you have your ADN? Is is possible for me to take the additional classes to get ADN or would I have to go BSN???
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    Quote from nursecher
    I have my diploma RN. Can you do the bridge with diploma or must you have your ADN? Is is possible for me to take the additional classes to get ADN or would I have to go BSN???
    As far as I know you have to have your ADN or an unrelated Bachelors and diploma RN. I am sure that someone will chime in if I am mistaken. The Frontier website does a pretty good job at explaining it.
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    HI everyone,
    I sent in my application to do the direct entry into the Masters in Midwifery program but I do have to take the PA prerequisite course. The one that Frontier offers is $1700 and I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative. I looked into Canyon College but Frontier told me they don't accept their courses due to their accreditations. Any other ideas anyone?
    Vanessa, RN