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Roll call and discussion for all of us applying to Frontier Bound spring term 2013. I haven't submitted anything but I'm so excited. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Haha. Very much so. When I went to Frontierbound the first time, we had Bridge people with us. BUt that was back in 2009! Frontier is a wonderful school, and I am really hopeful to be readmitted.

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    I am graduating with my BSN in May from Arizona State University. I am looking at Frontier for the DNP. I only know a little about this school but love what I have found out so far. Can you tell me why you feel it is a wonderful school? Thanks for your time.
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    For me, it was the rich history of the school, the bond I formed with other student nurse midwives and the coursework. It's easy to find a preceptor, too, because the midwives I know have good things to say about frontier students and grads. What do you have have your masters in?
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    Hi Mary C!

    I applied to CNEP 113 too. I can't believe how long the wait is going to be....if they manage to tell us 8 weeks beforehand it may be as early as March 25th, so fingers crossed it's closer to that than April 8th. (I saw on their Facebook page that the extended deadline will not affect the notification date.) So we'll see...

    Can I ask, how long were in the CNEP program before and why did you stop attending? Also, did you have any classmates who came in with little to no nursing experience but with the "alternative health experience," i.e. doula/IBCLC, CBE, etc?

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    I took I am a little over 1/3 of the way done. I withdrew because multiple family issues that came to a head at once.
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    There was one student like you described!
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    Quote from Mary C
    There was one student like you described!
    Thanks for sharing your story Mary! I'm sure you'll get in again as its clear they think you're qualified! I was told by someone in admissions that everyone who scores enough points to "qualify" will get in, if not in this session then the next.

    Also thanks for staring about that classmate. I fall into that category as a new grad/doula of many years. I was told by the director that my other experience was still valuable and in the end it will depend on my overall points. But I still wanted to hear about someone accepted who was in my shoes.
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    Well, my dreams were crushed. I just received an email from admissions. My degree was obtained at a state accredited school, not a nationally accredited one. You think they would have mentioned that during many of the other conversations we had where I told them what school I was from. No, they waited until I did all of that work, spent all of that money, for NOTHING. I am absolutely heartbroken.
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    OH NO! SnowboardRN - I'm so sorry!!

    I'm planning to apply to Frontier soon - so I follow these threads about applying. I'm sad, now. I always like it when students get in. What can you do now? Serious bummer.
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    SnowboardRN, I'm so sorry! I was just looking at a local community college program and wondering about the state vs. national accreditation issue as well (I'm looking several years into the future considering Frontier, but already have a non-nursing BA so am not sure I'll go back for a BSN). Can you do a bridge program or something similar and reapply?

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