Frontier Nursing University Bridge Class 111 - page 5

Hello!! I wanted to make a topic for the bridge class I'm applying to so anyone else that is applying and have some peer support and so any questions can be asked. I'm going to send in my packet tomorrow if I can get my last... Read More

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    I GOT IN!!! I got the email @ 1335.
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    Hey Classmate!
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    Did you get in too???
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    No word here yet
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    No word here. I hopw they get all the emails out today. I wont be able to sleep tonight.
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    I got in!
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    All in
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    So I have been poking around the site after the slew of emails I got today from school. Would anyone be interested in linking up through google+ to share info through specific circles you can create there?
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    Congratulations to everyone!!! Can't wait to meet you all next month!
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    Congrats everyone! Frontier Bound is amazing! Enjoy!

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