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Hello!! I wanted to make a topic for the bridge class I'm applying to so anyone else that is applying and have some peer support and so any questions can be asked. I'm going to send in my packet tomorrow if I can get my last... Read More

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    where exactly are you seeing this drop down list?

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    Ah thanks for answering me

    I actually called Frontier and got it straightened out.

    You're from Texas? Me too! Which part?
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    I live north of Dallas. What about you?
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    Oh that's cool can't say I've been past Dallas but its pretty up there.

    I live in deep south Texas. Like my city has a border. Lol
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    Quote from Jazzy*
    Did they tell you when you were waitlisted that you have a guaranteed spot in 111? I was waitlisted for 109 but they did not say that I have a guaranteed spot in another class...
    I called and asked the Bridge advisor and this is what she told me. All so A friend of mine was waitlisted a year ago and he gained admission the next term as well. So I'm taking it as truth and hoping they are not both politicians.
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    I also applied to class 111. Cannot wait to hear back, the wait is terrible! Hope to see you all there!
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    Only about a month and a half left until we can expect to hear something! So excited!!
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    Sooo the frontier facebook page said that it would definitely be after the new year before decisions are sent out. I'm sure we all knew this intuitively, but now we know for sure... so we can just relax through the holidays. Good luck to everyone and merry christmas and happy new year... (and happy birthday to me on December 31st!) haha
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    I applied for the 111 class as well. Fingers crossed on making the quota system
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    Good luck!!! Sometime in the next 3 weeks for sure we will find out!

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