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I'm interested in becoming a CNM my homestate is Massachusetts and that's probably where I'll remain. Can you tell my what being a CNM in Mass is like? Where can you practice? Is homebirth... Read More

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    [QUOTE=LilyRoseRN;7050518]Yes. Not a lot, but they're out there. One of the midwifery professors at Yale is a male midwife.[/QUOTEHow do the women react to having a male CNM. I remember my days in nursing school and going thru the OB rotation. I practically studied all clinical. None of the women wanted me in the room. I can't imagine the reception as a male CNM and the things you'd have to see and do.

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    Thanks for the detailed reply...
    I'm also struggling with the notion that I really don't want to become a part of the intense medical model at birth- I've supported clients as a doula and it's been heartbreaking to see many of them have to "obey" OBGYN's, despite their own wishes. I would ideally love to work in a birth center or attend home births but I feel like the CNM route is better for employment overall then the CPM route, although at heart, I don't know if the CNM schools will teach me what I need to know to be a more holistic practioner. I figure I could be a CNM and then still be a CPM...

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