progressive care to CVICU?

  1. 0 I currently work on a progressive care unit at a small community hospital. We occasionally float to ICU and even the ER, but that isn't very often.

    I love my job, but I've always wanted to work in a CVICU and recover fresh open hearts. I want to further my career!

    On my unit, we work with gtts (Cardizem, NTG [but titrate only to chest pain, not for BP], dopamine, dobutamine (but usually when the pt came from ICU and they are being weaned off), octreotide, Lasix, heparin). We titrate, but we have limits. We don't deal with the "bigger bears" (neo, levo, etc) - those patients go straight to ICU.

    Would my experience in progressive be good enough to be able to land a job in CVICU? I've been a nurse for about a year, I have my BSN, and I'm also ACLS-certified. I'm currently studying for my PCCN and hope to take that later this year. If I land in job in ICU, I think I would like to get my CCRN as well once I meet the requirements.
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    I don't see why not, sounds like you're off to a good start. Be sure to bone up on your your EKG and lab recognition skills which are core to CVICU. Good luck!
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    thank you! I'm comfortable with EKG's except for 12-leads, but I'm in the process of trying to learn that. It's just hard trying to teach this to myself...I need someone to explain it to me haha. My hospital used to offer a 12-lead EKG course but now they are doing away with it and are thinking about just doing a CBL (online learning) instead and I'm comfortable with labs, too, but maybe not to a CVICU's expectations I know with time I will get there!
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    the book "12 lead confidence" is very good. It is a workbook that allows you to work through all sorts of different 12 leads and helps you understand the physiology. If you work through the whole book you will be very good at interpreting 12 leads.
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    I will look into that! Thank you so much!
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    Your CVICU will be blessed to have you!
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    ahh thanks I hope so! I don't plan on applying until later this year because there currently aren't any openings for a fellowship. I know I won't be able to get in unless I have previous solid ICU experience!
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    I dont know, but you would get snapped up in a heartbeat at our TCVICU. Progressive care is a very good background for a future CVICU nurse.
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    Quote from tcvnurse
    I dont know, but you would get snapped up in a heartbeat at our TCVICU. Progressive care is a very good background for a future CVICU nurse.
    Thank you! This is very reassuring

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