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PRN pay

  1. 0 Hi all, I am looking to pick up some prn work but was wondering what I should expect to make per hour. I work CVICU, 1 year experience. I will be done with checking off on taking fresh post-op hearts next week. I make almost $40 an hour when i do overtime so I would like to make about the same with a prn position. Do you think that is realistic with my background and experience? I know it depends on where you live also so I'm also posting in my home state thread as well. Thanks!
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    For most places I know around me (new england area) per diem nurses do get more an hour, somewhere between 5-10%. Where you work in CVICU id expect youd get critical care diff also
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    3 years experience, 2.5 in critical care.I signed per Diem with Maxim staffing solutions for 40/hr last week.
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    The per diem pay rates in Southern NJ are pretty competitive. Most hospitals down here are unionized, which helps. You can view local contracts for various hospitals at Health Professionals & Allied Employees |
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    I just signed up with an agency and am happy with the rate. Thanks all!