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Can someone shed some light on the difference between pericardiocentesis and pericardial window.... Pericardicentesis= needle aspiration of pericardial fluid:heartbeat pericardial... Read More

  1. by   ghillbert
    Looks like his heart is on the wrong side of his chest!
  2. by   BBFRN
    Quote from ghillbert
    Looks like his heart is on the wrong side of his chest!
    Maybe he has dextrocardia.
  3. by   lisa0585
    I have had both procedures. A had a percardiocentesis in the E.R. This procedure was preformed because I had cardiac tamponade. A thoracentesis was also needed later, this procedure is a lot like the pericardiocentesis, 700cc of fluid was remloved from my lung. A hollow needle extracts fluid or blood from your pericardium.* (excuse my spelling, not a nurse.....) I had the Pericardial Window two weeks later when I had my second accumlation of fluid and was also in cardiac tamponade. I was admitted into the ICU again, they scheduled the surgery the next day and they make a window in your paracardiam so that fluid can continue to drain and not stop your heart. The insicion was between my ribs and it's very painful. They also placed three large chest tubes to collect fluid below the insicion. two weeks later I was back in the hospital with cardiac failure. I intially was in a car accident and suffered blunt force trauma. Can anyone tell me why the fluid continued to build even a month later?
  4. by   lisa0585
    I guess this doesnt matter but I also was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure following these procedures. I am 24. I weighed 120 at 5'7. I worked out atleast every other day. The Thoracic surgeon said he has never seen complications like the ones I had. I continued to have effusions in my lungs. I fractured my sternum and 1st, 2nd, third ribs and so on. on both sides. The fractures were not noticed until my third admit into the hospital a month later. Can anyone tell me what type of recovery I will have. The doctors said because I am so young and "healthy" that I should recover fully. But I dont feel like I have and I am scared that something is going to happen.
  5. by   JemJ
    Lisa, I am so sorry this happened to you! I can't tell you what will happen, but the fact that you are young and yes "healthy" (no other complications prior to this) usually helps a whole lot with outcomes. I will be praying for you. Hang in there!