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I recently had a pt. with multiple drips through one triple lumen central line. I am new and recently off orientation where I had multiple preceptors who each told me something different. I have searched both allnurses and... Read More

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    You need to look up the INS (infusion nurses society) They write the infusion nurses standards. (The nurses bible for infusion policy and TJC guidelines) If you become a member, "and I highly recommend it," you will have access to nurses who specialize in infusion therapy. Do not depend on nurses that may be very good, but have old and possibly bad habits. INS has given me a new inside on infusion therapy. I have been practicing infusion therapy for 20+ years. I am a CCRN, CRNI certified and old ICU/ER nurse. If you have questions...and I hear you have many....become a member of the INS and become the best infusion nurse in your facility.
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