I miss the unit.

  1. I retired from critical care several yrs ago and HATED retirement. I have severe rhematoid arthritis(the reason I had to retire) Actually was doing okay with my retirement benefits. But I just hated being home all the time and I did miss the occassional adrenalin rush.
    About a yr ago I got a job watching heart monitors and I even let my license lapse. I just wanted to check in and tel you guys I just love this job! I only work weekends and take one weekend a month off. I still get a tiny little adrenaline rush now and again and I have made a great rappoir (sic) with the nurses on the floors. I have to say though every now and again I think I could go back to the ICU and be a young blood. My family AND my new work family just laugh and laugh! but I have to say this is the most perfect job for an old retiree from ICU.
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  3. by   all517
    It makes me happy that you are happy! Sounds like you have found a perfect balance Just goes to show how versatile nursing is!
  4. by   Esme12
    Oh I wish I could find something like that......sigh.......Good for you!!!!