How stressful and rewarding is working in any intensive care unit? - page 2

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I'm considering starting my future career as nurse in a critical/ intensive care unit. Trying to weigh the pros and cons as far as a life-long career, room for advancement, pay, work condition, flexibility, stress... Etc.Also... Read More

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    I work with a number of nurses who used their LPN as a stepping stone. It is true that most hospitals have stopping hiring LPN's, you can still work and continue your education. So of the best nurses I ever worked with where LPN's. It is my opinion only that if you are a new graduate, then a min. of 1 year on med/surg is needed before moving on to a speciality unit. You gain so many skills working med/surg that you will need in ICU/CCU/ER/Cath Lab. I have worked them all, and the time is spent on med/surg has helped me greatly.
    Good Luck

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