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I am new to CVICU and have been taking step down patients, trying to get my feet wet. It is coming up on 6 months, and I am supposed to start taking fresh hearts soon. I have tried studying meds, machines, intrepretations, etc.... Read More

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    No such thing with on the job training with this population. My facility had a program specifically for fresh hearts. Its not only about meds it's about the equipment & the situations you can be in with these very ill pt. Agree learning the routine & the procedures to handle any thing that can happen. It was a very strong, educated structured 6 program for me. When i was on my own. I was ready. I was in a heavy CVICU they do these surgeries like an assembly line.
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    I work in a CVICU and I'm so thankful that where I work, we were not just thrown into the fire, we had like a few months of orientation with another nurse. I feel so lucky that the nurse I was put with was so knowlegable and open to teaching (I was a new grad at the time) I think what helped me was whatever I saw at work, like drips I went home and looked up so when I came into work next time I would have an idea. You will do just fine.

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